Ethics are different effects to different people; it

Ethics are different effects to
different people; it down to a sense of community right and wrong. A social
issue is an issue it has been recognized by society as an issue that is
preventing society from functioning at an optimum level. It is vital to understand
that not all things arise in society are raised to the level of social issues. Characterize
a social issue or problem, these including, the public should recognize the
situation as an issue, the situation is against general values accepted by the
society and the large section of the people recognizes problem as a valid
concern. Legal ethics is a term used to define a code of conduct governing professional
behavior, establishes the nature of responsibilities owed to persons and to
society. It is important that persons are aware of what public
and professional body expect from person in practice in terms of them professional
behavior and commitment to the principles and values.

Electronic Email has importance in
modern business communication. In every day many of emails are sent from organization
to suppliers and customers, from employees to managers and from a partner to
another. Email is sent and received rapidly, whether the recipient is a few
entries down or thousands of miles away. Using email updates both external and
internal communication; it is faster and easier to transmit key information for
real time status updates. Email software and webmail services provides a
search function to filter that make tracking down a precise message only take a
matter of seconds. it extremely easy to extract vital information from email
communication. Email is
one of the cheapest a business can use to communicate, both externally and
internally. Small businesses can sign up for free email such as Gmail, Hotmail
or Yahoo; even larger companies, overhead cost of maintaining an email server
is relatively low. Email allows businesses to effectively and
efficiently spread information about products and services.

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As with any innovative technology, email
have a darker side. email may be an individual and organizational resource
drain. use of e mail and texting has created ethical problems for family
counselors. Although e mail can increase and encourage communication, it is not
problem free and, can pose problems. There are problems with privacy and
maintaining a professional relationship.


Ethical issues

§  Support
email to create fake profile on social network (Eg: Facebook) by using on a
computer or mobile app on an android or iPhone.

§  E-mail
account has been compromised or hacked.

§  Containing
objectionable images, materials, language with political religious or other
possibly content.

§  Theft
personal financial information password, pin, personal details etc…

§  Changing
information or content of the email body and damage the goodwill of the
business or person character.



Social issues

§  Terrorism
and crime: terrorist organize crimes for their nefarious purposes.

§  Sexuality
harassment: there are fears that total access to pornography for teenagers is
shaping the sexual expectations of young people in problematic ways.

§  Political
war: getting confidential information from politicians and effort to interfere
for election.

§  Suicide:
Stressful situations and unfettered access to material may
have increased the number of teens and children suicidal thoughts or


Legal issues

When break the copyright low to take actions
against them according to country law, email crimes, deleting and changing
content and hacking, getting and theft confidential information, all are
affecting legal issues. 2007 ACT


Professional issues

Behavior on the job, know that how use
email, company email and employer’s technology is an issue, sending non business
emails, jokes forwards in company time to friends or coworkers reflects lack of