Employers the precautions needed. It is usual

Employers have legal duties to give health and safety
information and training to all employees. Training
should include all the risks that employees are
exposed to and the precautions needed.
It is usual for all new staff to be given induction
training on joining the home care service. The training
should make clear the areas of activity home carers
should and should not undertake and should also give
guidance on appropriate footwear and clothing.
Where the risk assessment identifies that such
clothing is required to protect staff from hazards they
should be provided and maintained at no cost to
Induction programmes must also include health and
safety training and should cover:
• Manual handling
• Infection control
• Fire procedures
• First aid
• Basic hygiene
• Food preparation, storage and hygiene
• Dealing with emergency situations
• The use of protective clothing and/or equipment.
UNISON safety representatives have the right to be
consulted on the type and level of health and safety
training and information developed or offered to
In addition to the induction, training should be given
to employees when:
• There is a transfer of job, a change in clients or
changes in responsibility
• New equipment is used, or existing use changed
• There are changes in work methods.
Employers must also provide information for
employees, that is easy to understand and which is
relevant. Information for employees who have difficulty
in understanding or reading English should also be