Elnur a pioneer in this field, and

Elnur Safarli

Assignment Number 2

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January 29, 2018



Question # 19. Explain the two fundamental mistakes that managers make when attempting to improve a process. Can you cite any examples in your personal experience in which such mistakes were made?

Variation is regarded one of the challenging parts of the productional process which might cause several operational problems if it was not implemented accurately. Problems could be increasing unpredictability, reducing capacity utilization, to make it difficult to detect potential problems early etc. (Evans & Lindsay, 2013).

There are two types of variations.

·         Common Cause Variations

·         Special Cause Variations

Sometimes it could be difficult to implement both variations appropriately and successfully. Managers should figure out the differences between those ones and use it effectively. Otherwise, failure will be inevitable. Common cause variations could happen because of the disparities during productivity or design stages. External factors could cause to the occurring of Special cause variations. The two fundamental mistakes are regarded as followings:

·         Considering an assignable or special cause as a common cause

·         Considering an unassignable or common cause as a special cause

Causes could be any types of shortages, mistakes, faults, accidents, complaints or breakdowns. Those mistakes could happen in case of failure to differentiate two variations. (Evans & Lindsay, 2013).


For instance, the owner of Real Estate Company bought several houses after noticing cheaper priced houses at Auction. He was planning to hire few people to fix them and sell it with a decent price and make profit. However, he was unaware the reason of the cheaper price. The Houses are located at a place where the crime rate is high. Houses are fixed and now it is very hard to find someone to buy it. In this case, owner should decrease the price to sell it. Eventually, the price will go down and owner’s profit will be below of his expectation. This case shows that the owner didn’t carefully identify the external issues and faced difficulties.



Question #11 Whose philosophy – Deming, Juran, or Crosby – resonates most with your thinking and experience? Explain why?

Deming, Juran and Crosby are considered as the most outstanding leaders in the quality revolution. Their contributions to the Quality Management field are immeasurable. Especially, Dr. W. Edwards Deming, was considered as a philosopher who have had the most influence on quality management (Evans & Lindsay, 2013). Additionally, he was a pioneer in this field, and other philosophers have used his theories to come up with similar ones. It is obvious based on their theories that, organizations will be benefited by the result of the accurate implementing of better quality improvement processes. In order to be successful in the organization, it is highly important to choose the appropriate quality improvement methods.

Dr. W. Edwards Deming was awarded many times in the US and overseas, especially in Japan, because of his immeasurable contributions to the companies and organizations. He defined 14 points/concepts which are essential for the companies in order to be successful. Deming’s ideas about continuous improvement in product development and manufacturing process, top management leadership and customer/supplier partnerships are mostly emphasized ones in the quality improvement field. (Evans & Lindsay, 2013). Amongst these, Continual development and top management leadership are the most important ones for me and could be related to my experience and future career. In the competitive world, it is highly essential and required to have top management leadership and continual development concepts. By implementing his concept about improving productivity which would reduce the cost, wastage of raw materials. One of the main goals of the successful companies is to develop continually. Otherwise they could fail of lose leadership in the market and could be surpassed by other rival companies. Therefore, Dr. W. Edwards Deming had assumed the importance of his concepts for the organizations/companies.



3. Nashville Custom Guitars

Nashville Custom Guitars (NCG) is a small but quality-focused guitar manufacturing company, which produces lots of instruments every year. Regardless of not having a formal quality department NCG has been successful in this field. In order to manufacture small parts of the guitar, this company uses Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) equipment. (Evans & Lindsay, 2013). There are only fourteen craftsmen who are also known as luthiers. (Evans & Lindsay, 2013).  They are in charge of the manufacturing process and work carefully to check the quality of guitars. Experienced craftsmen were hired by the NCG. There are six workstations in the processing unit which are designated to do manufacturing operations.

Making better quality guitars will create a good reputation about the company. Therefore, NCG focused on producing better quality instruments for the customers. There are seven steps to make guitars. Firstly, it is important to find the best grades of woods in order to produce guitar. In every process, all craftsmen pay special attention to the single detail and contribute to the process to meet customer requirements. This process is related to the Deming’s first concept which is about the commitment and the contribution of the employees would make the company more successful in its field and increase the productivity. The third concept is also related to the process of inspecting the quality of instruments by luthiers and making sure that the product is made with high quality and non-error. This concept is about to “Perceive the objective of inspection, for advancement of processes and decreasing of cost”. (Evans & Lindsay, 2013).

Deming’s third concept – “Institute training” is also related to the NCG’s work method. Thus, employees are motivated to take training courses to improve their work skills. Eventually, this would help company to make their work more effective and productive. Similarly, thirteenth concept resembles to the third concept which is mostly focused on “Encouraging education and self-improvement for everyone”. Creating a fair and better work environment for all luthiers would encourage them to contribute more. In this case, Deming’s eighth concept “Drive out fear. Create trust. Create a climate for innovation” does relate to it. Because, NCG management allows luthiers to create their 2 desired guitars every year and this offer should be considered as an innovative one. NCG becomes one of the favorite choice of Guitar lovers by providing customer with high quality guitars. Gaining many achievements without having a formal quality department is unbelievable. However, it would be better to have its own formal quality department to monitor the quality of work.






Evans, J. R., & Lindsay, W. M. (2013). Managing for quality and performance excellence (10th ed.). Cengage Learning.