Egalitarian school without paying. Unlike other countries

Egalitarian Society
The United States of America is not an egalitarian society; our county does not prioritize educational equality for all people. Millions of Americans view their nation to have hierarchical division that creates America as an anti-egalitarian society. For example, the lower-class students think that because they were born and raised in poverty they aren’t allow access the social mobility. Furthermore, students have acknowledged that throughout the years poverty has been rapidly increasing. The chain of poverty has been inherited and experienced by their past generations. Our nation has established a social division between students in this country that it has become an anti-egalitarian society creating an ideology that societies do not prioritize their values as a country.
In the contrary, although millions of Americans claim that our nation’s education system is equal; there are reasons to believe that this country is an egalitarian society. For instance, our government has created programs to benefit the working class to have many stabilities to live a suitable live. Part of these programs include student loans and scholarships that are given across the country to help college students pay for college tuition. Students are equally offered the opportunity to attend any university of their choice. As a result, students part of America’s education system could become successful with having more probabilities to graduate from school. In an egalitarian society, people are given the opportunity to progress in life by becoming successful to demonstrate their ability to surpass their position in the nation’s hierarchical structure.
Besides, the government’s aid there are more educational opportunities in the United States. For example, education from Pre-kinder to high school is free, students can enter school without paying. Unlike other countries people have to pay an annual average of $7,000 dollars depending on the grade level. Referring to President Lyndon Johnson, he believed in the importance of an egalitarian society to him “Education is not a problem, education is an opportunity”( Dorsch 11). This quote demonstrates that education is a choice; to be educated is a personal aspiration. In this country, statistics show that about 25% of the student body tends to drop out of high school. It depends on the student if they want to continue studying.
The College Board has done a research “Tuition and fees increased by less than 2 percent between 2016-17 and 2017-18 after adjusting for inflation” (Seltzer 2). The rates of college tuition are extremely expensive. Many students fear they will be in debt for the rest of their lives. However, these types of people fail to acknowledge that there is financial aid and scholarship given by the government to attend a university. Statistics show that in 2014, two-thirds of full-time students paid for college with financial aid. Furthermore, America has given the opportunity for students to study and help them with further necessary such as books and computers. All university in this nation have libraries and own hundreds of computers for student access. This demonstrates that students are reward the accommodations to earn a good education and became successful in this country.
In addition, when a student has finished college he or she could begin working with their degree. They are given the opportunity to choose any career in their choice. As a result, they have an endless variety of job opportunities. The job opportunities in this country rage from fast food restaurants to stores and business. Americans have the choice to pick from hard labor to an office job depending on the degree they earn. These jobs are found across this country; many of the jobs openings can be in a flyer or newspaper. Milton Berle acknowledge this grand opportunity given in this country and claims that all Americans should look for a opportunity, and “If opportunity doesn’t knock, built a door”(Francia, 4). Milton Berle believed that in order to be successful one must be determined and have self-discipline to become commitment. Americans must understand that it is a personal choice to have a job. One must look for the opportunity because it is there.
In non-egalitarian societies there are many corruptions; however, in this country where everyone is treated equal. This country is known to be an egalitarian society because by law the government is obligated to protect all of Americans’ rights. Martin Luther once said, “We may all have come in different ships, but we’re in the same boat now” (Burton 6). This quote portrays how many immigrants from different countries come into the United States with the same desire for more opportunities. Many of these people are coming to the United States to run from the corruption there is in their country. This people are from different cultures and races but are now living in the same country. In the United States there is a law that in a workplace workers cannot be discriminate. In an egalitarian society, people are not part of corruption because their society is maintained by laws that reinforce equality.
According to Howard Bedlin “Without Medicaid, these low-income seniors would be unable to afford their health and long-term care costs, even with Medicare” (Bedlin 8). Programs like medicaid have really helped the elderly pay for there medical cost. According to a research the help from the government programs, the percentage of elderly people in poverty has decreased since 1960s. The government has a variety of programs that helps the older people with different things. For example, the government has are food stamps, social security, and Medicaid. These are programs are for elderly who don’t have enough money to buy food and give you a monthly paycheck. In fact, there are adult daycares in this country that are provided by the government. These are benefits that come from an egalitarian society to help Americans who don’t have enough money.
What this means is that with a great opportunity like having a good education along with a decent job to earn a social security check during your retirement. In this country our egalitature society reflect on how the government maintains its programs. In the United State there are many opportunities that any American can accomplish. Now a day, people can come from a low income home and get a good education without having to pay anything out of their pocket. In this country the government has many welfares to help the people be something bigger in life. There is more reason to believe that the United States is a egalitarian society.
The United States of America is a great country to live because it full of opportunities where citizen can become successful. This is a country where the government protects your unalienable rights; they protect the citizens liberty and pursuit of happiness. A egalitature society students are awards a free education to prosper. Along with this society immigrants come with the desire to come to better themselves and their future. Millions of elderly people are given numerous amounts of opportunities to live a suitable live for the rest of their retirement. A egalitature society is a idea world where people are prioritize equality.