“Educational • System had problems in managing student

“Educational Information System”

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Customer Educational Client
Project Educational Information System
Document Research Document
Document Version 1.0
Status Proposal
Author(s) Student1, Student2, Student3 and Student4

Background of old information system
Before taking this project, our group searched for problems related to our client’s old college educational information system and its management and then we came up with this idea which solved educational management problems by developing such a software which can be implemented in the current educational system with almost the same requirements. The basic problems that we find were:
• Partially manual
• Copy records
• Sorting and searching issues
• Querying the records
• Financial records issue.
• Duplicate records issue.
• Teacher and students time table Scheduling were manual.
• No online report system was available.
• System had problems in managing student records.
• Communication barrier between a teacher and a parent.
• No online maintenance of student profile for a parent to keep an eye on their child whenever they want to.
• No online financial system.
Therefore, our group though of making such kind of an online educational management software which resolves the above-mentioned problems as well as ease the management depart work and also automate all of the work.
Analysis of the old system

In our research we have found the following weakness in the current system. Details are below.
• Partially manual
o In the current software is half manual half automated. Many of the reports that were created were normally created using excel sheets using advance excel skills which can be only done by the excel experts and can only be edited by a excel expert as so no other person can filter or query any data because of the absence of the required skill sets. Manual entry of the data is done or records from the excel sheets were uploaded in system in order to compile data for any set of results and in doing so data lost also occurred.
• Copy records
o As the system was handled mostly manually and no checks were present to check as to stop record duplication so many of the data is mostly duplicated and unnecessary space was utilized or the time period. No UI system was present in or order to fast search and or no category was system broken in order to put fast filter.
• Sorting and searching issues
o Searching and sorting provides you great help in lookup data. When there is a lot of data to work on it’s hard to get your required data. Let’s say if there are thousands of rows of data, and it is not completely in a single place, also the formatting is not right then it is a problem, we can’t sort or search data which is not in the right order and complete. we have to make sure the data is in the right place and the right format.
Data here is in excel where redundancy is always the issue. you can’t set a relationship between the 2 sheets where as in database management systems your data is not duplicated. for example, if you want to see you sort and search on all the connected sheets data and their relationship you can’t possibly have that, there is nothing like foreign keys or join here. if you want these types of thing in excel than you are going in a wrong direction. as this will make copies of data which will make things worse.
• Querying the records.
o When data is in excel, it is not all here also the excel is designed by advance level professional, and only they can handle it for their daily use, since it does not provide user interface for layman to work on. so, data will be worsened day by day, for a layman to work on a program the program must provide you this power even a layman can understand and follow software guidance,
but what excel does not provide is the ease of use which is when achieved when there is user interface which can be design to query the data for you. excel does not have the ability to give the best out of your data, you have to any way move to some database management system for e.g.: MS SQL, my SQL, oracle etc. these systems are designed especially to handle big data stuff, it won’t for these you data will be of no use for you soon.
the way data is written in database managements system gives you power to organize analyses and summarize data much more efficiently. you can solve redundancy and duplication issues, you join data from 2 or more sheets to see a combine relational result.
• Financial records issue.
o Students, teachers, staff and other management personals financial records are one of the most key records in any system. The current old system is partially systemized many of the financial records were even lost due to an un-organized structure of the system and no single place is available onto which the entire records of all the personals are kept thus resulting in either data lost, record duplication financial miss management of student’s fee, teachers pay and other personals pay and universities finances.
• Duplicate records issue.
o The system is full of duplicate records because the system was handled mostly manually and no checks were present to check or to stop record duplication so many of the data is mostly duplicated even the entire record of many personal were entered double and due to which it also creates conflicts as to which record is the updated one which record to continue and which to delete in a case where duplication is found and was tried to remove manually or by over writing the record. Unnecessary space was utilized or the time period to sort and search data. No unique identifier was available in the system was present in or order to fast search and or no category was present in the system to broke down data in order to put fast