During use it, but almost everyone use


            During the cold war
the usage of satire in the literary work bring the changes for the culture of  United States of America and Uni Soviet. Almost
all of the scholar believe it affect to the plenty of writers to deliver their
massage, that most of  them use satire in
which they represent the cultures at that time. In addition this satirical way
would bring an endeavor to next generation to create something new between the
culture and literature. Unfortunately this satire diverge from the value of
politic and aesthetics norms.(Gery 1996)


            The era when words have very
important role to deliver message, code and so on. In addition the usage can be
added for cold war domestically and internationally. Then no wonder if satire
fiction is spread out, a lot of people tend to use it. Do not think that writer
only that can use it, but almost everyone use it such as soldier, commander,
and so on, even just the citizen. Definitely with particular purpose and
thought which usually about things that cannot tell, but they must deliver it.

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            After the atom bom between Hiroshima
and Nagasaki on world war II ,it seems has influenced the relationship between
the United States and the Soviet Union into radical issues. E.B. Whites
comments that The newyorkers convey that the new world or life has come : “For
the first time in our lives, we can feel the disturbing vibrations of complete
human readjustment. Usually the vibrations are so faint as to go unnoticed.
This time they are so strong that even the ending of a war is overshadowed”
(108). Whites actually had understood that there is signicant shif that occur
in military world which is very minimum rather than compared with re-build the
clasification of norm that occur after atomic bomb realised and created.

            Joanne Sharp, has analysed  “Reader’s Digest” , not only as the
successful magazine at war era, but also the usage that contains about role
political that help the United States to create its identity to face the Soviet
Union. Sharp begins to immerse by Anderson’s thesis of “imagined communities”
and the importance of modern culture. What she tries to point out is that she
discusses the need for international scholar to study popular politic vehicle
such as the “Reader’s Digest”, rather than just making the geopolitical
history.(Friedman 2003)


Basically, for making literary work every writer tend
to connect it with their background, life, environment. Even usually the most
powerful impact is something is in trend in social life or the atmosphere that
occur at that period, such as war, desease, entertainment, etc. It is also obvious
that relation between the academic fields of psychology and literary work is
connected. However the writer or author acts as God for their work, they can
decide every single event, even feelings. So undirectly, the
atmosphere brings and teaches particular skill that become something unique
for literary work unexpectedly. Social life, mental health,  may tell any kind of social and moral value
that can be told in the story, even awkward moment that does not make
sense could happen there. Using psychologycally
approachment to the literary work is one of methods to know about relationship,
identity, even something that exist at the time. (Schulz 2012)This usually can be obtained
through the character behavior, the social life, the moral value, even from
most topic or theme that is used at the time. As we know that the story is
somehow reflect the author’s life background of subconscious.