During evaluation and orientation which are directly related

During gestation period , women passes through multiple physiological and psychological changes regarding her body shape, body satisfaction, appearance, evaluation and orientation which are directly related to their clothings. A pregnant woman faces an awkward problem of changing her wardrobe clothes for maternity wear with the change of body shape throughout the gestation period. Due to the dramatic change from the beginning of gestation, they feel the need of such clothing which will assist her comfortability and give proper relaxation from the beginning to last trimester and remain serviceable for pre-pregnancy, during-pregnancy and post pregnancy periods. This type of garment designs can be achieved by pattern renovating features (like Godet, Gores, Upgrading Silhouette, Appropriate Trims, Placements of Placket etc.), Garments making features (like Pleats, Smoking etc.), Pattern Engineering (for achieving innovative designs) and typical fabrics selections (fabrics those are forgiving in nature). This research includes anthropometric changes during preganancy, problems due to these changes and steps those may be taken to overcome that.