Does any one of you knows why most of the countries around the world are celebrating the labor-day

Does any one of you knows why most of the countries around the world are celebrating the labor-day? Ok, as it mentioned in the article, for many people labor-day means the end of the summer, but they don’t know that many countries in the world are celebrating the labor-day and It’s an official holiday in some countries to celebrate the achievements of workers.

The celebrating of the labor-day started in 1894 in US and Canada. The first celebration of the labor-day was in New York city which was organized by the New York central labor union. The idea of celebrating the labor-day is to honor and encourage the worker to work harder and harder.

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Labor-day became a very important holiday for all the workers in some of the countries around the world, in other countries they give the workers half time work or they start to be honoring them and giving them certificates to promote the spirit of love of work in workers. Labor-day for most nations is synonymous with or connected with, Worldwide Workers’ Day, which happens on 1 May. But For other nations, Labor Day is celebrated on a different date, like in one with special significance for the labor movement in that country. For example, in United states and Canada they celebrate the labor-day on the first Monday of September with the ending of the summer vacation for the students.

Also, here in UAE we celebrate the labor-day or the worldwide worker’s day. The government gives the workers whom have a great fingerprint in the growth of the country and who helped to build the country and make it a developed country. According to the Gulf news, the program of the labor-day is giving gifts for the workers also offering gifts to the newly arrived workers in addition to that they give lectures of the awareness programmers on healthy lifestyles and sound financial planning.