Do so it doesn’t hit anything. Air pressure

Do know that the Atmosphere has five different layers the Troposphere ,Stratosphere ,Mesosphere ,Thermosphere and Exosphere .No other planet in our solar system has this that’s what makes Earth special. The two most abundance gases are oxygen and Nitrogen. The Atmosphere cosist layers of gas that surrounds the Earth. The Atmosphere is held by gravity and the higher you go the less air the lower you are the more air.
The ozone layer is located in the Stratosphere in a region that is 10-50 km above the Earth. The Atmosphere’s five layers mix up, and work together with the top layer of the Earth’s crust. The ozone layer is like a filter protecting life on Earth from its potentially harmful effects .The Greenhouse effect is the trapping of the suns warmth’s in a planets lower atmosphere because the greater transperance of the Atmosphere to visible radiation from the sun than to infrared radiation emitted from the plant’s surface. All of the layers are different Altitude.
Altitude is how high something is. Like an airplane flies at a high altitude so it doesn’t hit anything. Air pressure is the weight of the Atmosphere pressing down on Earth .An example of air pressure is a blown up balloon because all the air is trapped and the balloon gets harder to squish. The Atmosphere is 78% nitrogen 21% oxygen and other gases 1%.The closest Atmosphere layer is the Troposphere.