Did it means that you are fearful and

Did you already understand what your dream meant? Here are
12 most common nightmares and the meaning behind it


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2. snakes



Having a snake in your dreams has many meanings. The most
common is self-transformation and healing as snakes lose skin. It could also
mean that you are in a difficult situation in the present.

3. The nightmares of the dead



Have you ever seen deaths in your dreams? Well, that can be
a sign of areas in your life that are dead. Whether it’s a relationship, a job,
or the death of a loved one, it can be linked to any delightful thing you’ve

4. Spiders



Seeing a spider in your dreams could mean that you feel like
a stranger at some point in your life. It also means that you could try to stay
away from certain things.

5th autumn



Oh, we had that dream at least once in our lives, so what
does it mean? If you fall from a cliff, a mountain or even a building, it means
that you are fearful and insecure in your life.

6. Taken



Being trapped in a dream has an obvious meaning. It reflects
the situation in real life in which you are trapped, such as the relationship
in which you are not happy, working without work or a situation for which you
can not find a solution.

7. Being hunted



One of the most common dreams is when you are being
followed. These nightmares reflect something you have not considered in real
life. This can be an extraordinary problem or someone you have not known for a
long time.

8. Lose your teeth



Nobody wants to lose his teeth. Not even in dreams. But what
happens if you lose your teeth? This could be an indication that you are
sometimes helpless, anxious and depressed.

9th injury



Any injury, injury or deformity that you see in your dreams
could be an alarming sign to your brain. These nightmares can bother you in
real life.

10. Miss an important event



Having a dream of missing your wedding or other special
events could be directly related to anxiety. This reflects the fear of failing
and failing to meet expectations.

11. monsters



Even the most terrifying and ugly monsters of our dreams
represent the fear and hardships we face in our true lives. As simple as that.

12. Apocalypse



However common an apocalyptic dream may be, it is not. This
could be a sign that you are experiencing a change in the life-changing