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Deanna Etheridge                                                                                       page 1EssayAssey                                       Anorexia and bulimia.   Anorexia and Bulimia nervosa are a eating disorder from lack of eating. This is often formed to lose weight, and over exercising. The cause of this can be Depression, anxiety, lack of self confidence, and bullying. This disorder mainly Affects women, because they are more likely to be more self conscious about Their appearances. The history of anorexia dates back to the midevil times. Anorexia and bulimia have very serious consequences, Some of the physical effects of anorexia include permanent heart problems, kidney failure, fatigue, and in some cases death. The organs do not receive what they need to function properly.People with Anorexia lose weight much more drastically than People with bulimia, And it is harder to maintain a normal body weight. On the other hand, the physical effects of bulimia are weakening muscles in the Throat, Cavities, and Low vitamins. Anorexia are most common in teens and Young adults. Schools have programs to deal with this with teens. Since high School tends to have the most stressed out and peer pressured teens, it is Important for them to do so. Besides conseling, schools have tried to putIn many other options like uniforms. This prevents teens from being pressured toLook like a certain person, and prevent gang violence from dressing a certainWay. Next is blocked internet. They keep certain stuff blocked from teens thatMay lead to harm and eventually cyber bullying. Schools who have anorexic Students try to help as much as they can by feeding them and giving themCounseling, but sometimes teens need more than that, and that’s where a Psychiatrist comes in help.