Dato’ of the Secret Recipe and also

Dato’ Steven Sim who is the founder of Secret Recipe and also the CEO of the Secret Recipe and also the CEO of Secret Recipe, a local F;B group with an international brand presence. He began his career after realizing that the cafe culture was slowly making waves in major Asian countries.
Secret Recipe is founded in 1997 which is made its mark, renowned for its extensive range of fine quality gourmet cakes. It has since evolved to become one of the fastest growing lifestyle cakes and cafe chain in the region with over 440 cafe outlets to date.
Secret Recipe Cakes ; Cafe’s concept can be found in prime urban locations and shopping malls in major cities in the region including Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, China, Brunei, Maldives and Bangladesh. Competitors such as Old Town White Cafe, Starbucks, and other else provide the food and beverage service.
Secret Recipe Cakes & Cafe offers a friendly and personalised full-service dining experience for customers and incorporates a modern contemporary and vibrant interior concept with comfort ambience, and great food. It provides a great respite for customers to enjoy good food and quality time with friends, family or associates, after a long day at work. The current trend in Malaysia is the customer prefer dining outside from their home these days. Resulting in an explosion growth in café business.
Secret Recipe promises a value lifestyle proposition of great variety and quality food at affordable prices. The uncompromising quality of food and desserts using quality ingredients, coupled with moderate pricing, has created a new lifestyle cult, comprising of a loyal base of food and cake lovers. Consumers are more concerned the quality of food and services.

2.0 Executive Summary
Secret Recipe is the leading restaurant and bakery cafe in Malaysia as well as in ASEAN is still expanding its wings with growing demands and customer. Secret Recipe is a lifestyle concept chain that features a modern that growing fastest in Asia. Secret Recipe serves the best dessert that fine quality and delicious homemade cake and pastries together with fusion food of Asian’s dishes and beverage. It is also to give the best satisfaction to the valued customer.
Secret Recipe has made many kinds of cake concepts that attract customers. The hottest cake in Secret Recipe cafe is the Turkish indulgent chocolate cake where the cake is a popular demand among valued customers. Secret Recipe Cafe offers a wide choice of more than 40 different type of cake and fusion food serves in the best and comfortable place to dine in with friends and family. Secret Recipe is targeting for individuals, families and takes out customers with higher income by selling high quality, innovative products at a moderate price, designing tasteful, convenient locations and providing high quality customer service. This is in line with Secret Recipe’s principle which is to gin the best for all its valued customers. Secret Recipe cafe is more to classy and trendy cafe which is can attract the customer to enjoy their dessert.

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