Dallas to drive down the dirt roads.

Dallas slipped on his boots as he headed out the door. He opened the door to his truck and began to drive down the dirt roads. All that was on his mind was how he was going to make a good impression on Emma’s family. His father had taught him many things such as to hold the door, say “ma’am” and “sir”, and have a firm handshake, so Dallas felt confident that her parents would like him. As he pulled in front of the house, he saw her sitting on the porch with her dog in her lap. He couldn’t help but smile as she ran up to him and hugged him. However, his smile quickly faded when he noticed how weird the dog was. It was gray and white with patches of hair gone. It’s eyes had a milky, white color to them. Also, it was missing two of its legs and it’s tail. He couldn’t help but stare at it. Emma noticed and blamed it on old age. However, Dallas got a vibe that said that just wasn’t it. He smiled, nodded, and followed Emma as she walked inside the house.As he stepped inside, he noticed it was very quiet. The only thing you could hear was the dog’s claws hitting the wooden floor as he walked. The whole house was wooden. There was not one single decoration or color. It was just brown all over. Every door, every wall, and every piece of furniture was brown.   Not only did he think that was strange, but Emma wasn’t dressed as she usually would dress. At school and in town, she always wore jeans, boots, and a flannel. She also kept her hair down and occasionally braided it.  But on this night, she was wearing a long, white gown. There were no shoes on her feet and her light brown hair was pulled up into a slick bun. Emma grabbed Dallas’s hand and let him into the kitchen where he saw her family sitting. Her father was on one end of the table, her mother on the other, and her two siblings were seated on the right side, leaving room for Emma and Dallas to sit.  Emma introduced Dallas to the family. They all welcomed him and introduced themselves. Her father’s name was Gerald, her mom was Linda, and her siblings were named Daryl and Merle. Daryl and Merle were also twins. They did everything the same. They dressed the same, sat the same, and even said everything at the same time. Dallas thought that was creepy, but what seemed to be even creepier was the fact that it seemed as if, the longer they ate,  the more it grew more uncomfortable it became. The room grew quieter every second and he noticed that they all seemed to be staring at him.The silence was disrupted when Emma’s dad got up to get a drink. As he walked past, he touched Dallas’s shoulder. Dallas grew more uneasy when Emma’s whole family stood up. He kept his head down and continued to eat the food her mother had prepared. However, he noticed that they all froze. He looked up to see what was going on and jumped up when he realized he was surrounded. He grabbed Emma, hoping that she would help him, but noticed the black and the whites of their eyes became black and the pupils turned white. They were all just staring at Dallas. “Do you like it here?” Linda asked as she grabbed Dallas. Dallas was speechless. He tried to scream but nothing came out. He realized he was in a place worse than hell itself. He looked down to see his own skin starting to rot and he felt his bones starting to break. No wonder every boyfriend Emma had “moved away”.