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Daewoo Express Pakistan
Sir Zia Ur Rehman
Final Project
Submission Date: April 30, 2018
Hailey college of banking & Finance
6TH Semester (B & F)
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Amna Nawaz M15-BBA-O28
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Introduction of Transportation Industry 4
History of Daewoo Express 4
Detail of the Terminals 5
Mission Statement 6
Mission statement by HR 6
Vision 6
Objective 6
Logo of Daewoo Express 7
Slogan 7
Organizational Chart 8
Core Services of Daewoo Express 9
Express Bus Service 10
City Bus Service 10
Daewoo Cab 11
Customer Needs and Demands 11
The CRM Desk 12
Major Fault in the CRM Concept 12
Integrated public transport map Lahore (phase-1) 12
Availability 14
Contact Detail: 16
Head Office Daewoo Express 16
Islamabad Daewoo Express 16
Daewoo Express Faisalabad 16
Daewoo Express Peshawar 16
Daewoo Express Rawalpindi 17
Daewoo Express Gujranwala 17
Daewoo Express Karachi 17
Daewoo Express Karachi 17
Daewoo Express Sialkot 18
Karachi Daewoo Express 18
Daewoo Express Karachi 18
Daewoo Express Bus Service Karachi 18
Reasonable Price 19
Quality 19
Service of Daewoo 19
Exceptions 21
Workshops 22
Distribution Channels 24
Current Situation 25
Competition Analysis 25
Daewoo Express Management 26
Company People Management for the Advantage of Service 27
Managing and loyalty Wheel Implication 27
Stable Growing Market 28
Market Objective 28
Market Strategies 28
Market Segmentation 29
Market Target 29
Market Positioning 29
Differentiation 29
Product ; Brand Strategy 30
Marketing Mix 30
P’s of Marketing 31
Process 34
Marketing Plan 34
Customer Feedback 34
Guerilla Marketing 35
Business Environment and Culture 35
Cultural Factors:- 35
Social Factors:- 35
Managerial ethics:- 35
Level or stage of moral development:- 36
Individual characteristics 36
Organization Structure 36
Social Responsibility 36
Personal Factors:- 37
Psychological Factors:- 37
Seasonal & Discount Offers 38
Forecast 38
Span of Control 38
Type of Standard Measurement 39
Correct Action 39
SWOT Analysis 40
Conclusion & Recommendations 41

Introduction of Transportation Industry

Transportation sector plays very vital role in the economic development of a country. Transport in Pakistan is extensive but still in its developing stages. Thousands of people travel daily through public and private transport to reach their destination within the city and out of city. The most common mode of transportation in Pakistan is road. However, the fleet of buses used tends to be in horrible shape and is not air-conditioned. The people are suffering because of bad conditions of buses, rude behavior of conductors and others, huge frights, overloading on busses, delaying of buses and unavailability of conveyance.
History of Daewoo Express

Daewoo Express is the first and the biggest foreign investment Company with an advanced and organized transport system in Pakistan. It is the only transport company to have nationwide network with various international trade links. Being a transport service provider the company owns a large fleet of buses, Technically Advanced Workshops to maintain the fleet for the safety of the passengers, State of the Art Terminals, Training Institutes for Drivers and Mechanical Staff. Daewoo Express has been rendering transport facilities since its inception in 1997 to the people of Pakistan. It is appreciated by the masses as well as by the Governments of Pakistan as well as Korea for its consistent success. Media of both the countries often express appreciation for the revolutionary accomplishment of the Company in transport sector, through various channels.
Daewoo Pakistan Motorway Service Limited (DPMSL) is pioneer in business of Motorway Services in Pakistan. Motorway Service Limited (DPMSL) is pioneer in business of Motorway Services in Pakistan. DPMSL is trendsetter in adding memorable experience of comfort and energizing break in commuters’ journey, with ample choice of products, great value for money, and simply the great services. Daewoo Pakistan Motorway Service Limited (DPMSL) was established after signing Concession Agreement with National Highway Authority (NHA) on September 10th, 1997. In order to facilitate the commuters while travelling on motorway ten up-to-the-mark Motorway Service Areas (MSAs) were established by Daewoo, on BOT (Build, Operate and Transfer) basis, along the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway.

Detail of the Terminals

No. of Main Terminals 17
No. of Sub Terminals 41
Total Terminals 58
Owned Terminals 4
Leased Terminals 54
Cargo Service Availability All main terminals except Mirpur
Total Influx on Terminals (2016) 6.6 Million
Mission Statement

An organizational environment that fosters professionalism, motivation and quality by adopting our core values and services.
Mission statement by HR

We live by our core values every day. Trust, Teamwork, Integrity and work towards creating value for all of our stakeholders. Our employees are the lifeline of this business and Daewoo takes great pride on the dedication and customer orientation of all its employees.

To be the superlative business institution in Pakistan and achieve market recognition by delighting commuter with quality services as well as the range of product offerings at modern state of the art Motorway Service Areas.

Our objective is to be the safest and most reliable transporter. To provide comfort to our customers and to make their journey happy and safe.

Logo of Daewoo Express


Luxury, punctuality and safety.

Organizational Chart

Core Services of Daewoo Express

• Daewoo express.
• Luxury class/SAMMI (all routes).
• Premium class (only for Peshawar, Multan, Sahiwal, Rawalpindi/Islamabad).
• Gold class (only for Rawalpindi/Islamabad).
• Daewoo city bus.
• Daewoo cargo.
• Daewoo cab.
Express Bus Service

Daewoo Express Bus Service is a main operation of the company. The company provides long-distance time-efficient bus services to all major cities within Pakistan. With its headquarters in Lahore the company operates its service from 31 cities in Pakistan covering more than 40 destinations extending almost to the entire Punjab, Sindh and NWFP. They provide direct competition against airlines as well as the rail network. There is also shuttle/drop off service that runs off the main express buses to allow passengers hassle-free travel to their neighborhood. Recently, Daewoo expanded its service to Okara cant. They are connecting it with 9 major cities.
City Bus Service

Daewoo City Bus was the first environmental and technological revolution in the urban transport sector within Pakistan. The buses were introduced with more advanced and powerful engines with TECHO Monitoring Systems in 1999. Moreover, provision of air conditioning, announcement system and stopping signals were introduced. Since 1998, the city bus service has been operating four routes are being operated within the city covering all the localities while one Sub-Urban Route is being operated for Sheikhupura.

Cargo Service

Daewoo Express’s cargo services are set up adjacent to all terminals and function 24 hours a day, providing safe and quick dispatch and delivery of cargo consignments. The cargo volume has over the years been increasing more rapidly than the expansions of the bus passenger operations.
Daewoo Cab

Daewoo Cab provides safe, comfortable, suitable and reasonable local transport to passengers. This service is presently available in Lahore, Rawalpindi/Islamabad, Multan, Peshawar, Abbottabad and Karachi. Daewoo is cab coming soon to Faisalabad and Sukkar.
Customer Needs and Demands

Daewoo is the company which has successfully come up with Customer Relation Management (CRM) concept in Pakistan. It is to provide value to the customers and fulfill their needs and demands relating to the transportation. This concept allows the company to get better and better with the coming time. Daewoo express does all this successfully. They start from the basics by making a feedback form available in every bus for the customers. This helps in getting to know if the customers are unhappy with something and to know what they like the most.
Now a day there is a high demand for transportation due to many factors like huge traffic, business people, students etc. Some don’t like to travel alone some cannot afford. Daewoo provide the best service at best price. Daewoo serves on the first come first serve basis. Daewoo has large number of busses to meet the needs of a consumer as after every half hour Daewoo leaves for each route.


Daewoo Express is a company which has successfully implemented the CRM concept in Pakistan. CRM is a term which basically defines the concept of providing value to the customers and striving to keep the customer over a longer period of time. This concept constitutes the concept of CLV (Customer Lifetime Value). Daewoo express does all this successfully. They start from the basics by making a feedback form available in every bus for the customers. This helps in getting to know if the customers are unhappy with something and to know what they like the most.
The CRM Desk

A physical CRM desk also exists. All Daewoo Terminals have an office. This office is home to the Terminal manager, Admin officer and the CRM expert. The CRM basically deals with all positive and negative cases related to the customers present at the Daewoo Terminal. The feedback forms available in the buses are to be reported back to this officer’s desk, which then starts the job of analyzing them and finding out the positives and features that the customers liked the most. After this comes the task of filtering out complaints and taking appropriate steps to eradicate them.
Major Fault in the CRM Concept

Whereas Daewoo has mostly been able to apply the CRM concept successfully, they have been missing a very important part. This part is the establishment of a working IS (Information System).No matter how frequent a customer one is. You have to fill in the details again for every booking you make. The information for every customer should be saved and when a call is made from the same number, the representative only has to confirm the details. Such IS are working in other companies in Pakistan. Companies like Pizza hut have your information saved with them. When you call them, they know your name, they know your address. The addition of Daewoo Miles Card now might add the IS factor as well to Daewoo Express

Integrated public transport map Lahore (phase-1)


Arrival Departure Premium plus Luxury
Bahawalpur Lahore Not available Rs 1,190
Bhakar Lahore Not available Rs 1,210
Chiniot Lahore Not available Rs 530
Dera ghazi khan Lahore Not available Rs 1,120
Faisalabad Lahore Not available Rs 520
Gujrat Lahore Not available Rs 480
Hyderabad Lahore Not available Rs 3,100
Jhang Lahore Not available Rs 740
Khanewal Lahore Not available Rs 870
Mianwali Lahore Not available Rs 940
Murree Lahore Not available Rs 1,350
Okara Lahore Not available Rs 490
Rawalpindi Lahore Rs 1,350 Rs 1,130
Sahiwal Lahore Not available Rs 520
Sialkot Lahore Not available Rs 500
Abbottabad Lahore Not available Rs 1,390
Karachi Lahore Not available Rs 3,650
Mardaan Lahore Not available Rs 1,270
Moro Lahore Not available Rs 2,620
Multan Lahore Not available Rs 890
Nowshera Lahore Not available Rs 1,420
Peshawar Lahore Rs 1,670 Rs 1,420
Sadiq-abad Lahore Not available Rs 1,740
Sargodha Lahore Not available Rs 530
Sukkur Lahore Not available Rs 2,240
Swat Lahore Not available Rs 1,530
Dharki Lahore Not available Rs 1,890
Batkhela Lahore Not available Rs 1,430
Chowk bahadurpur Lahore Not available Rs 1,740
Deera ismail khan Lahore Not available Rs 1,300
Gujranwala Lahore Not available Rs 300
Haripur Lahore Not available Rs 1,390

Contact Detail:
Head Office Daewoo Express

• Address: 231-Ferozepur Road, Near Kalma Chowk, Lahore.
• City : Lahore
• Landmarks : Ferozpur Road, Kalma Chowk, New Garden Town
• Phone : +92-42-35884021
• Mobile : 0331-1007008
• UAN : +92-42-111007006, 111007008
Islamabad Daewoo Express

• Address: G-7-4. Khadda Market, Islamabad, Pakistan.
• City : Islamabad
• Landmarks : Khadda Market, Sitara Market
• Phone : +92-51-2892124, 2892126, 2892125
Daewoo Express Faisalabad

• Address : Allied Hospital, Akbarabad Chowk, Faislabad, Pakistan
• City : Faisalabad
• Landmarks : Akbarabad Chowk, Allied Hospital
• UAN : +92-41-111007008
Daewoo Express Peshawar

• Address : Old GTS Workshop, Peshawar, Pakistan
• City : Peshawar
• Landmarks : Gulbahar Police Station, Old GTS Workshop
• UAN : +92-91-111007008

Daewoo Express Rawalpindi

• Address: Next to EME College, Main G.T Road, Rawalpindi.
• City : Rawalpindi
• Landmarks : EME College, G.T Road
• UAN : +92-51-111007008
Daewoo Express Gujranwala

• Address : Loianwala Pindi Bypass, G.T.Road Gujranwala, Pakistan
• City : Gujranwala
• Landmarks : Admore Petrol Pump
• UAN : +92-55-111007008
Daewoo Express Karachi

• Address: Sector 3-B, Coridor Area Scheme # 33, Main Super Highway, Karachi.
• City : Karachi
• Landmarks : Coridor Area Scheme, Main Super Highway
• UAN : +92-21-111007008
• Phone : +92-21-32793290, 36830101
Daewoo Express Karachi

• Address: Shop No. SF-1, Near Dolmen Mall, Hyderi, Block E, North Nazimabad, Karachi
• City : Karachi
• Landmarks : Dolmen Mall, Hyderi
• Phone : +92-21-36670827, 36830101, 36670828

Daewoo Express Sialkot

• Address : Garrisian Park, Jail road, Opp General Bus Stand, Sialkot, Pakistan
• City : Sialkot
• Landmarks : Garrisian Park, General Bus Stand
• UAN : +92-52-111007008
Karachi Daewoo Express

• Address : M.A Jinnah Road, Saddar, Karachi
• City : Karachi
• Landmarks : MA Jinnah Road
• Phone : +92-21-32793296, 34248289
Daewoo Express Karachi

• Address : Adjacent Bombay Hotel, Cantt, Saddar, Karachi
• City : Karachi
• Landmarks : Bombay Hotel, Cantt Station
• Phone : +92-21-35651043, 35651044
Daewoo Express Bus Service Karachi

• Address : Shop No. 83-84, Rabia Palace, Rashid Minhas Road, Block-10, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi
• City : Karachi
• Landmarks : Aladdin Park, Rashid Minhas Road
• Phone : +92-21-34964611, 34964612

Reasonable Price

Daewoo has a win-win policy. We work for the comfort and ease of our customers. The fares we charge are regulated by the transport department, Government of Pakistan. We make them due for our customers so they would have no issues and worries. We provide luxury transport along with all facilities to our customers in a simple and affordable fare.

• Daewoo has the best quality services.
• We provide our customers with what they need.
• We are providing elite class travel services that include: super luxury and gold class buses.
• We have a Customer Loyalty Plan.
• We have started free on board Wi-Fi service for our customers.
• We are also known for Safety, Security and Punctuality.
Service of Daewoo
• Time is everything these days and all is based on it.
• We are well known for our punctuality because we know the importance of time in life.
• Regularity is the key feature of our service which is assured by leaving no stone unturned in making timely departures and arrivals.
Daewoo is fully concerned with the full comfort of the customers. We provide entertainment facilities which give a relaxed and comfortable journey to the traveler when he they remain engaged. Entertainment facilities include:
• Songs
• Family movies and documentaries etc.
• Provision of Head Phones with every seat for an undisturbed enjoyment.

Luxury and Gold Class Buses
Add comfort to your journey by traveling through our luxury and gold class buses. All buses are equipped with:
• Comfortable and spacious seats.
• Latest audio visual technologies.
• Online tracking system.
Apart from this, a calm and peaceful environment is maintained in the bus for a luxurious traveling.
• Proper support is available for personal luggage.
• Health injurious items should not be taken on board with the luggage.
• The maximum luggage carrying limit per person is 30 Kg.
• In case of more luggage ELT services are available.
• Attachment of luggage tags for safety and security.
• Porters provide free of cost services.
Trained & Courteous Crew
Our courteous and trained crew is responsible for a safe & luxurious journey. We are pioneer of introducing the concept of road hostess in the bus. Crew, which consists of Driver, Hostess and a Guard, is selected and trained in a manner to handle its duties professionally.
Newspapers & Magazines
Those travelers having interest in reading can enjoy their journey with latest available newspapers and magazines. This would admire them with the hospitality and enjoyable journey.
Online Ticketing Service
• This is the step taken for the comfort of the customers.
• This service would allow the customers to avoid cue and order from home.
• It is also made user friendly for the customers.
• You just have to add the Departure and Arrival cities and you are provided with all the available options.
• It could never have been that simpler.
Other services include:
• Refreshments.
• Pick and drop facilities.
• Fast 4G internet.
• Daewoo miles card.
• Mobile app.
• Cab for students.
• Armed security guards.
• Centrally heated and air conditioned.
• 24-hour service.
• Smooth drive and reclining seats.
• Expert drivers.
• Safe travels.
Cargo Service
Daewoo Express’s cargo service is set up adjacent to all terminals and function 24 hours a day, providing safe and quick dispatch and delivery of cargo consignments. The cargo volume has over the years been increasing more rapidly than the expansions of the bus passenger operations.

Special request In advance of Daewoo Express
• Medical treatment
• Children age 4 or below care taking.

Handing Special Communications
• Compliments, Complaints and suggestions.

Problem Solving
• Resolving difficulties that arise from using the product.
• Resolving difficulties caused by accidents, failures etc.
• Assisting customers who have suffered an accident or medical emergency.

Daewoo Express Pakistan billing system is very easy and simple. In starting of their service the passengers has to book the ticket from the counter but now as days past, they change many things and billing the ticket is one of them.

Daewoo Express Pakistan Payment is very straightforward. Following are the ways to pay the ticket:-
• Online ticket through their website.
• Debi Card, Credit Card.
• Cash and cheques.
• Print ticket online.

Provide road worthy fleet to operations for the provision of reliable services to commuter”

We are recruiting our workers (drivers, technician, etc) through a comprehensive testing and observation process. During the testing/observation, our experts observed the candidates keenly both practically and theoretically.

After the initial selection, candidates are given 15 days practical and theoretical training (on/off the field) for final selection. Finally the successful candidates in final test/medical might be the employee of the company.


Through our highly advance techograph system we observed the driver’s driving on the routes on every arrival of the bus at its destination. Drivers are bound to drive the buses as per the rules and regulations (i.e. specified speed limit, specified stopovers and etc) of the company. During observation violated drivers are recommended for further refresher course and also warned/penalized as per nature of the violation.

Through the critical observation on workers through the different modes of checking instruments, management arranging time to time refresher courses to overcome these negligence while execution of duties.

In order to maintain the buses as road worthy all the time, our technical teams are always high alert to meet any abnormality. For this purpose we have 18 site workshops & 4 mobile workshops fully equipped with latest tool are working. To meet the fitness requirement of the buses we practicing the maintenance rules recommended by the manufacture and also categorized some maintenance types.

General maintenance includes the pre departure and after arrival inspections. Generally two types of work “Pit Inspection ; Wash Service” carried out in this maintenance.

On every arrival of buses pit inspection carried out by the foreman/in charge. During the inspection Engine noise, oil levels, water, brake system, tyres, A/V system and also rectified the defects mentioned on crew comment (C C) paper.


After carrying the pit inspection bus washed and cleaned thoroughly (interior/exterior) and ready for departure.

During this maintenance we give special attention towards the regular replace parts e.g. Engine oil & filters, steering oil & filter, gear oil, brake lining, audio/video system, A/C, radiator coolant and passenger’s facility setup etc. Further more on quarterly basis we are carrying docking service of buses. In this service we check engine, chassis, bus interior and exterior body condition etc. We are using genuine parts all the time to ensure the safety and comfort of our valued passenger.
Distribution Channels

Daewoo Express distribution is very large and around the country. They are providing Services in three provinces i.e. Punjab, Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Following are the list of cities Daewoo Express providing these services:
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
• Peshawar
• Nowshera
• Mardan
• Mingora, Swat
• Abbottabad
• Mansehra
• Batkhela
• Dera Ismail Khan
• Haripur
• Kohat
• Karak
• Parachinar
• Barikot, Swat

• Daharki
• Hyderabad
• Karachi
• Kashmore
• Khairpur
• Moro
• Rajanpur, Punjab
• Sukkur
• PanoAqil
• Jamshoro

• Quetta
Current Situation

Current state of Daewoo Express is fairly stable and it is a leading brand in the field of transportation. They are towards their mark to achieve each and every bit of thing they had aimed of. They are crossing every milestone and in a race to be the best and on top. The struggles will always remain because Daewoo needs each customer to be satisfied so they would keep on improving with each passing day and come up new innovations and ideas for the satisfaction and comfort of its customers.
Competition Analysis

Daewoo Express has four main competitors all over Pakistan. They are:
• Faisal Motors
• Niazi Express
• Bilal Travels
• Sky Ways
Among these competitors Daewoo needs to be on top due to which it strives for each and everything and tries to facilitates its customers with every possible need that have regarding their services.

Daewoo Express Management

Daewoo Express Pakistan CEO is C.I.Kim. General Manager (GM) is 2nd in command after CEO. Mr. Sheikh Munawar Saeed appointed as General Manager of Daewoo Express Pakistan, while Mr. Khurram Mirza is Director General Manger of Daewoo Express Pakistan.

Company People Management for the Advantage of Service

Some of the factors that should be considered are:
Training of staff and employs to deal with the customer in an effective manner. Set a benchmark and gibe incentives to the ones who achieve that benchmark. Enhance the decision making process which will help take fast decisions.
Company can take advantage by well educating and well training of their staff in the provided field. A worker that is hired should be perfect in his related field.
Managing and loyalty Wheel Implication

Daewoo has targeted upper and middle class as his valuable customers. Daewoo is managing its relationships with their loyal customers. They have started Daewoo miles program for their loyal customers so that they will be rewarded for their loyalty towards the brand. Daewoo has an online network and mobile application for their customer’s ease, which will cause an increase in customer satisfaction that, leads a customer towards loyalty.

Stable Growing Market

The market is ever growing because we have a brand name and we have to be on the top. We are providing a best service that is why people are coming to us. We are coming with new prices and new routes and better facilities and this hospitality is attracting the customers towards us. There is a definite growth in our business as it is obvious to every individual. We value our customer that is why we are on a growth towards progress.
Market Objective

The government policies and efforts are creating a friendly environment which would help in stability and help in economic turnover. The international community is supplementing these efforts to overcome economic difficulties. On our part we are confident that we will maintain our growth momentum and perform well in the coming year. Our focus will remain on a long-term view of the business, quality consciousness and efficiency through innovation and renovation in all areas of operation.
Market Strategies

Daewoo has changed the concept. Its gave birth to other companies also in the race to provide quality transport service. On the top list is Faisal Movers. Other companies such as Niazi Coaches were no longer a match. Daewoo Express is expensive as compared to all its competitors in the road transport business.
Different other strategies applied by Daewoo are:
• The concept of mile cards introduced.
• Effective CRM strategies were devised for the fulfillment of every need of the customers.
• Trained employees to come up with perfect performance and providing innovation.
• Proper uniform for employees.
• Refreshment for the customers for happy and refreshing journey.
• Contain set of feedback forms.

Market Segmentation

Our target customers are middle and upper class citizens who think time is more precious than money.
Daewoo has targeted people of upper and middle class.

When they launched their service in Pakistan they claim PIA as their competitor as Daewoo covers many routes that were previously covered by PIA like Islamabad, Faisalabad and Karachi etc.

Their targeted customers are the customers who know the value of money and time.
Market Target

Our target customers are middle and upper class citizens who think time is more precious than money and sufferings of using conventional traveling Medias.
Market Positioning

We want positioning our company as the company, providing comfortable traveling experience with a nice cooperative and friendly staff. Daewoo wants to be positioned as a company providing the best traveling experience with their luxurious rides and cooperative and friendly staff.
How we differentiate our self from our competitors. There are the following things that differentiate us from others:
• We have an intercity service which is also air conditioned service.
• Cab service for students.
• We provide high speed wifi during the journey.
• Covers almost every city of Pakistan.
• Have entertainment facilities for our customers.
• Have professional and courteous staff.
• Online facilities.
• Provides a comfort journey through luxurious buses.
• We have a CRM team which looks after the needs and demands of our valuable customers.
Product & Brand Strategy

We promote our brand through our hospitality. We attract customers by providing them with what they seek for. We provide them with the services they expect from us.
We have a strategy to market our product through innovation. We come up with new ideas of comfort for the customers. The more you look over the more you learn. Life is a game and we learn from it at every stage. So we focus on ever improving. We don’t aim to stop at a point.
Our business is our customers. The more they are happy the more we get out of them so we look towards their needs.
Marketing Mix

It is a strategy devised by a company by applying combination of factors to attract the customers towards their product. We apply this to our brand through these factors:
• Comfort
• Reliability
• Safety
• Professionalism
• User friendly environment
• Reasonable prices
• Through coverage routes
• Public dealing
• Hospitality
• Promotions


Daewoo Express Pakistan basically follows the Product Concept .The Product Concept means to provide the optimal quality product giving less importance to cost reduction. In this concept the company is less bound to go hunting for customers instead customers are attracted to the high quality product. In the case of Daewoo Express Pakistan, the product is their services. They have established such a high quality standard that now customers prefer using Daewoo instead of many other competitors. Daewoo being very expensive in comparison to the others still has its customers intact. In usual cases the managers of companies following the product concept face the fear that if another company providing better or equal quality might hurt the company severely. In Pakistan companies like Faisal Movers and Niazi transport are among the top names but these companies even after providing at very low cost have not been able to dent the success of Daewoo Express Pakistan. This is how the product concept has led Daewoo Express to success.

P’s of Marketing

Daewoo believes in hospitality and comfort of the people. We believe in serving the people and take care of all the needs of our valuable customers. We are serving the nation valuing certain things which are:
• Product
• Place
• Price
• Promotion
• People
• Physical evidence
• Process
Daewoo provides its customers with luxury buses and transport facilities. We provide Gold buses as well as air conditioned city tour buses. We work intercity as well as almost in all over Pakistan. We are trying to serve our people to our best.

We make sure that are services should be available in every city of Pakistan. We are serving in almost while Pakistan which includes the major cities of Punjab, Sindh and KPK. Almost every city is in our domain and we are trying to reach also those areas where we r unable to expand our facilities up till now. We want to connect citizens with our services. Each and every citizen of Pakistan values to us and we want to serve them with our hospitality and love.
Price is adjusted by observing customers response and by observing competitors price. Company observes several factors in price setting like if the customers increased more than the capacity they increase their prices like 1%. An increase in 1% from each fare will generate a huge profit. In other cases if Daewoo wants to grab more customers, it may drop it’s “follow-the-leader pricing” charging about the same price as its competitors and cut prices to boost profit. So we can say Daewoo uses the competitive and cost based pricing model.
Daewoo has a win-win policy. We work for the comfort and ease of our customers. The fares we charge are regulated by the transport department, Government of Pakistan. We make them due for our customers so they would have no issues and worries. We provide luxury transport along with all facilities to our customers in a simple and affordable fare.
• Daewoo has become a brand name in the country.
• We have a strong word of mouth because we come up with our commitment.
• We spend less on promotion because the brand and its buses are itself promotion stuff so we need to spend very little on these things.
• As we remain connected with our customers so the promotion has been send by a simple msg to them.
• Daewoo has partners with Zong to provide 4G all across its destinations.
• There is a point system introduced by us. No of points adds with every mile you travel with us and this will gain you a free trip after achieving a certain level.
• Daewoo mobile app is launched to check the schedules and fares. Booking facility is also available but only to Daewoo miles customers.
• Daewoo launches bus service for DHA Sector in December 1, 2015. These busses are fully air-conditioned, equipped with Wi-Fi and fitted with Euro-3 engines which produce 75% less emission (pollution) compared to other diesel buses.
We interact with the personal seller for reservation and booking. In case of queries we interact with the customer service for guidance. People that are available during process of booking a ticket or sending a courier are the people referred to this field.

A common question which pops up in the minds of many of us is that either Daewoo will be able to sustain its customers or will it finally lose due to the cost difference. This brings forth a new concept. This is the concept of CPV (Customer Perceived Value).
Every customer has a satisfaction level and this level is what all companies strive to attain. Very similar is the concept of CPV.
The Customer Perceived Value is the analysis of the benefits and the costs of a product in comparison to the other available options. In the case of Daewoo Express, the company has been successful in establishing a positive CPV. Customers prefer using Daewoo Express even if it’s expensive than the others because the benefits of travelling with Daewoo outweigh the extra cost.
Physical Evidence
• We just don’t have talks. We are proving it.
• We have terminals in different cities of Pakistan.
• Intercity service in many cities.
• Serving to our best with best wifi facilities.
• Ease of booking.
• Provides best buses and staff.

• We are processing through different means.
• We have manual processing services.
• Along with manual services we provide our customers with Online processing services.
• Online booking facility and other facilities are available for the convenience of our customers.
• Daewoo Express provides the entire information details online website www.daewoo.com.
• Daewoo Express Pakistan provides consultation by providing their UAN No 111-007-008.
Marketing Plan

We have a positive vision to be on the top in the shortest possible time period. We want to become the leading company of Pakistan with unique abilities serving the citizens. We have to target the customers of every age group and provide them pleasure through development and customer care services.
We envision creating a team of professional staff which creates a work force that would lead a company towards growth, innovation and renovation.
Customer Feedback

• The firm is already in organized structure and well established.
• They are going in very well right situation.
• Daewoo Express Pakistan already identified their goals and every member of the organization is working hard to accomplish the goals.
• Focus a bit on the refreshment services.
• Should increase the size of their bus in order to be productive and in order to get a competitive advantage.
• Should launch new luxury busses for some other routes like they have launched for Islamabad.
• Should improve their courier department as it involves manual interaction the process is very slow.
Guerilla Marketing

• Also know Ambush Marketing.
• It is a form of marketing in which the revenue is less and you have to market your product to its best.
• A series of creative and strategic techniques used to build and maintain public awareness surrounding a person.
• This involves high energy and imagination focusing on grasping the attention of the public in more personal and memorable level.
Business Environment and Culture
Cultural Factors:-

Culture is a set of values, perceptions, wants, behavior learned by a member of society from family. Culture is a most basic cause of a person wants and behavior. We observed that in Pakistan, the culture doesn’t affect mostly on the service of Daewoo buses. And the company has not faced the many problems to establish in this culture. Now the Daewoo Company is trying to start their services in many cities of Pakistan in order to make the service common in between the people to make its access and to increase their customers all over the Pakistan.
Social Factors:-

A consumer behavior also is influenced by social factors, such as the consumer’s small groups, family, and social roles and status. In Daewoo buses, we have observed that upper and middle class people travel more than the lower class. Because they want to save their time as well as to avail the maximum facilities, which are provided by Daewoo buses like air conditions, videos and the hosting facilities etc.
Managerial ethics:-

Principles, values, and beliefs that define what is right and wrong decision and behavior.
These are some factors that determine ethical and unethical behavior:
Level or stage of moral development:-

The ethics that impressively hits to the company’s environment in positive and negative way. The company conducts workshops for their employees through which they are enhanced and they improve their performance.
Individual characteristics

Individual characteristics are much more important for the organization through its productivity. It mostly depends on the employee’s individual behavior.
Organization Structure

Organizational structure of Daewoo is much more co-operative with the customer as well as with the work staff. They listen to the employees and gets important feedback to make their policies.
Social Responsibility

Daewoo Express’ intention is to provide our employees and subcontractor drivers with a safe and rewarding workplace in which they feel part of a dynamic and growing business. This includes support and a genuine career path for all employees. Our business is actively involved in maintaining appropriate levels of occupational health and safety standards whilst obeying all local and federal laws. The Organization is also considering about the environment and general public safety. Daewoo is a transportation company so the need professional drivers that are have healthy and sound knowledge about their route, driving ethics and their responsibility. Daewoo is using heavy performance busses and the company is conscious about environment. It is just like that they are hybrid that busses are still using busses which are exhaust and carbon dioxide.

Work Ethics:
The company success based on the high quality copper wire .our customers is committed with the organization because our organization delivers their products to customers on time. We will strive continuously for the further improvement in our Services, process and system, along with the betterment of our employees because this is our value. Communication Process There is an open environment in the Daewoo which allows the employees to communicate with each other. Before making the decisions the top level managers discuss it with their supervisor or Daewoo Express employees. The organization allows the employees that anyone of them can meet the general manager and Owner of the company if he is facing any kind of difficulty. The organization conducts meetings with their employees to inform them about new information, or complaints from customers or for lunching new product.
Personal Factors:-

A buyer’s decisions are also influenced by personal characteristics such as the buyer’s age and life-cycle stage, occupation, economic situations, life styles and personality and self concept. The Daewoo Company’s services may be affected greatly by the personal factors of people. If the life styles are like in Islamabad, they like mostly to travel by the Daewoo bus services instead of the people living in the small towns of the Pakistan. And there are many other personal factors like people of high income, who don’t take it much serious to travel this costly service of Daewoo buses.
Psychological Factors:-

A person buying choices are further influence by four major psychological factors, motivation, perceptions, learning and beliefs and attitudes. In Pakistan, the most people think that the costly things/services are good and the cheaper things/services doesn’t satisfy their psyche. So as it is the advantage to the Daewoo to have their maximum customers. Passengers like the hosting facility provided in Daewoo buses very much.

Seasonal & Discount Offers


• Daewoo Express Pakistan future goals are to start their Daewoo Cab Services in Faisalabad & Sukkar.
• Launch gold buses for other routes.
• Target those areas where our services are not available.
• Come up with better plans for the customers.
• Introduce new buses.
• Start intercity service in other cities of Pakistan.
Span of Control

• Span of control is narrow.
• There are less people under one person in the organization. Because it also controls regional basis teams.
• Decision is not based on CEO. Customer feedback should also be taken into account.
• Employees also take part in decision making.
• The decision making in Daewoo is held by Management of the company.

Type of Standard Measurement

Daewoo is 100% productive in terms of service. As after each half hour, a bus leaves for each destination. Each bus carries 44 passengers and they claims that the bus is always full of passengers.
They accommodate customers on the first come first serve basis. A customer can book his ticket in the next turn after half hour if his desired time slot is not available.
Correct Action

Daewoo is the company which has successfully come up with Customer Relation Management (CRM) concept in Pakistan. It is to provide value to the customers and fulfill their needs and demands relating to the transportation. This concept allows the company to get better and better with the coming time. Daewoo express does all this successfully. They start from the basics by making a feedback form available in every bus for the customers. This helps in getting to know if the customers are unhappy with something and to know what they like the most.
A physical CRM desk also exists. All Daewoo Terminals have an office. This office is home to the Terminal manager, Admin officer and the CRM expert. The CRM basically deals with all positive and negative cases related to the customers present at the Daewoo Terminal. The feedback forms available in the buses are to be reported back to this officer’s desk, which then starts the job of analyzing them and finding out the positives and features that the customers liked the most. After this comes the task of filtering out complaints and taking appropriate steps to eradicate them.

SWOT Analysis

Conclusion & Recommendations

Daewoo is an international brand and through its high quality and exclusive services, it has gained a good repute in the local transport business. But it has been seen that Daewoo Corporation has not lived up to its name as far as establishment of an extensive transport network is concerned. Passenger in most areas of Punjab and in all the other provinces of Pakistan has no access to Daewoo. There is also a great need for an intercity transport network in cities such as Karachi, Rawalpindi and Faisalabad etc.
Another problem that needs to be countered is overcrowding in the intercity buses. No of buses should have to be increased to overcome this problem.
No advertisement campaign has ever been launched to highlight the comparative superiority of the company over its local competitors. A large proportion of consumers remain unaware of the great facilities afforded by the bus service.
Therefore, advertisement is a feasible and necessary way for the bus service to attract passengers who are unfamiliar of the high class and uniquely elegant transportation experience- offered by Daewoo and hesitates when spending on the comparatively high Daewoo bus fair.
Despite of all this we all know that Daewoo is the leading transport company in Pakistan with a strong brand name overpowering it. Daewoo works for the comfort of its customers that’s why they are the trend setters’ and inspiring their customers. They have the largest market value and never losing state in the ground of competition