Contrary four characters by their community, a close

Contrary to the negative stereotypes attached to the four characters by their community, a close reading reveals the many positive attributes they embody. For example, John Oakhurst demonstrates his selflessness when instead of taking advantage of the young Tom Simson after a night of gambling, he chooses to return his winnings along with some pertinent advice stating,” Tommy, you’re a good little man, but you can’t gamble worth a cent. Don’t try it over again.” In addition, Mother Shipton demonstrates the ultimate act of selflessness when she sacrifices her life by saving her rations for someone she’d just met. As a result of her efforts to prolong her newfound companion’s life, Mother Shipton proves that she has an altruistic nature. It is clear that this group is willing to make extreme sacrifices for others.
With that said, however, not all the members of this group are quite as charitable. Instead of looking for ways to aid the others in his newly-formed community, Uncle Billy only thought of ways to help himself and at the first chance he had, he abandoned the group. According to the text, Mr. Oakhurst “started to his feet with the intention of awakening the sleepers, for there was no time to lose. But, turning to where Uncle Billy had been lying, he found him gone… He ran to the spot where the mules had been tethered; they were no longer there. The tracks were already rapidly disappearing in the snow.” Although there are a few miscreants who deserve our condemnation, it is important to understand that virtually everyone has redeeming qualities. In addition, we ourselves are often guilty of the transgressions we accuse others of committing.