Company life. It also aims higher and

Company name: American express.


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provide outstanding  products and unsurpassed
service that, together, deliver premium value to our customers.”


work hard every day to make America Express the world’s most respected service

Both the vision and the mission of this
company plays a major role in as far as the business operations at American
express are concerned. The vision statement is actually narrower and it’s a
future-oriented form of declaration of the aspirations and purpose of American
express. A combined vision and mission guides the development of a company’s
strategy, assists in communicating the organization’s role and purpose to all
their stakeholders, gives information on the objectives as well as goals set to
enhance or determine whether the given strategy is following the right track.

 The actions of American express seem to
align to its vision and mission statements in that; American Express transforms
peoples dreams into reality. American Express also rewards people at every bit
and level of their life. It also aims higher and is excelling more compared to
other related companies. American express is also the world’s best and largest
servicing company, it is devoted to providing well-rounded delivery of services
to each and every stakeholder, customer as well as businesses. It has over
60,000 employees who are proficient and even ready to give a helping hand to
all in over 100 countries all over the world.

The mission and vision of this organization
might affect or guide you me an employee or manager in the company in that I
will be in a position to make decisions in line with the mission and vision, to
come up with strategies and activities that will help meet the vision and
mission of the organization as well as develop ethical links, partnerships and
relationships with other companies that have a similar mission and vision with
American express.

If the company did not have a mission
statement then the company is more likely to be mismanaged and is more likely
to lose a direction. Lack of a mission and vision does not give successful
results to any company as they are not able to even mobilize stakeholders since
they don’t have anything that they are aiming to achieve.





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