Coffee the generations. One of the finest corporations to

Coffee is more than merely a drink in Jordan; it is surrounded
with tradition and treated with admiration. It is a way to bring people
together and a traditional sign of respect. Moreover, it is a great way for
people to show hospitality and trust. As a result, it comes as no surprise that
coffee is the most popular beverage in Jordan.

Almost 80 years ago, tribal families used a pestle, a mortar and some
wood to pound freshly roasted beans. Through that sound, an unsaid invitation
is extended to neighboring tents. As technology evolved with time, new methods
were introduced to extract, transport, roast, package and deliver the same old
traditional taste, thus embracing the same traditions passed on through the

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One of the finest corporations to do that is Al-Ameed Coffee, a
well-known Arabic household name that represents passion, excellence, and great
coffee. The story of Al-Ameed Coffee began in 1973, when the passion and respect for coffee was turned into a
business. The beans come from Al-Ameed-owned farms in India, which
covers almost 70 km2. The farms employ and house more than 150 families,
who are responsible for the cultivating of the lands.

Al-Ameed is not only known in Jordan, but also has an international
presence in the coffee retail market through its international distribution
networks. Some of the importing countries include Egypt, Saudi Arabia, United
Arab Emirates, Libya, Bahrain, Sweden, Holland, USA, Canada, New Zealand and
Australia. In Jordan, Al-Ameed has a total of 19 outlets, which consists of 6
main branches and another 13 smaller mall branches. The main branches are
Swefieh, Gardens, Sweileh, Khalda, Marka, and Ithaa-street. The 19 outlets employ
more than 250 employees, with main branches containing the majority of the employees.
Each main branch employs an average of almost 28 employees and each mall branch
employs an average of 7 employees.

The human resources department is one of the many factors contributing
to Al-Ameed’s success, since personnel are the backbone of any corporation.
That idea is well understood and embedded within the Al-Ameed’s methodology.

One of the main purposes of the human resources department is to
handle the hiring and firing of employees. The department reads resumes, attends
career fairs and conducts interviews to recruit qualified workers. In a market
that is primarily focused on the quality of the coffee mix, the skill levels of
the workers play a key role in delivering an assured high-quality product to
the customers. Through the usage of modern manufacturing and transportation
methods, such as storing the beans in specially-compressed containers to
preserve the unique taste by the prevention of oils escaping from the beans’
surfaces, the quality of the beans are assured. However, that would be aimless
if the worker improperly grinds the beans, since a tweak in the individually
customized ratios ordered by the customer would result to an improper mix that
would differ in taste. Al-Ameed offered customers consistency in the taste for
many years, resulting in gaining the loyalty of many customers to the Al-Ameed
brand. However, failing to ensure the same taste could result in the loss of
customer loyalty to the brand. The human resources staff takes that into consideration
when trying to recruit new employees. Ways in which the department advertises
job offers include mainly the usage of newspapers, the internet and banners.

The HR department is directly involved in the planning and
application of employee training. After recruitment, the skillset of the staff is
insured through a three month test period, where the new employee usually receives
70% of the basic starting salary. The new employees start off by finishing a
small introductory training program that offer a clear and comprehensive
explanation of the job description and methodology. New workers, at first, work
under the supervision of the branch’s assistant manager to insure the correct
application of any given process. The assistant manager also directly answers
any inquiries made by the new employees, decreasing the possibility of any miscommunication
of information due to the assistant manager’s high experience levels.

Team-building has shown to be a contributing factor in the positivity
of a work atmosphere. The HR department at Al-Ameed plans regular activities
that encourages team-building. One activity is the planning and supervision of
a yearly three month football league that involves one team from each branch. The
league has received great feedback levels from the employees, giving them a
chance to get introduced to one another outside the work environment. The participation
in team sports certainly increases the understanding and tolerance between
employees in a given branch. Other methods of team-building include planning employee
dinners and collective trips around Jordan.