Chic to understand the meaning of elegance.

Chic on Fleek


            A blog for
all women with unexpansive stylish, outstanding outfits. The aim of this blog
is to help all women to achieve their best looks without spending a lot of
money. Showing clothes and match outfits that can replicate high brands and
replace expensive materials. We all can follow the fashion and trends with the reasonable
amount of money.

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The most question that women worry about is: how to become
more elegant and look good. Thus the first thing you should know is to understand
the meaning of elegance. An elegant person should not be too moody or
adventurous. In fact, each person has his own unique style, which helps to show
his personality, temperament and even his dreams. Stylish women choose the
clothes that suit them. Therefore, let’s start from the first step.




It is very important to find the clothing that suits you. Do
not be afraid to experience all types and all trends at first, especially
clothes that you have not tried before. The new colors and designs will help
you find your own style. Do not define yourself in a particular way of
clothing; for example, sporty, formal, and practical. Remember that fashion and
trendy clothing covers most of our daily and evening activities, however; at the
same time do not wear what does not suit you because all people are wearing it.
So surprise yourself and others with different styles of fashion with what is
best for you.


v  How to pick your clothes according to your skin color?


1- Light
skin: If the color
of your hair is blond or brown. You should choose dark-colored clothing such as
dark gray, brown, burgundy, oily and indigo.

2- Medium
or tan skin:  The right colors for this skin are light colors such as
white, beige, light blue and pink. You should also avoid colors near your skin
color, such as mustard, brown, and chartreuse.

3 – dark
skin: They can
wear bright, quiet and powerful colors at once. The colors you have to avoid
are like the brown


v  Top Things You
Need in Your Closet:


1.     Black and white t-shirt

2.     Black and white long sleeve t-shirts

3.     Cardigan: Choose a neutral color
cardigan that matches any piece of clothing

4.     Black Dress: The short black dress
is one of the most important pieces in your closet, where you can wear it in
more than one way and on many occasions.

5.     Jeans

6.     Black Panthers

7.     Jacket Jeans

8.     High Heel Black Shoes:

This shoe is essential so you can wear it in the morning
with jeans, and in the evening with a dress


v  Some website that I like their Stylish outfit with Affordable Clothing:


Forever 21,
Shein, Charlotte Russe, Asos, H$M, Go Jane, Bershka


v Outfit of The
Day: how to be elegant and fashionable on a budget under $100!



Figure 1 All Day Outfit

This look
can be worn in morning and evening; it is very simple with edgy boots.


Look Details


ü  SHEIN Colorful Striped Ribbed
Tee $12.00

ü  Velvet Crossbody Bag With Chain
Handle $11.00

ü  Button Pocket Raw Hem Denim
Skirt $13.00

ü  Embroidered Patent Booties
GOLD $46.00




Figure 2 Day outfit


Here in this outfit, it has very warm colors and the red
belt will give it a pop.


Look Details


ü  ASOS Quilted Clutch Bag $16.00

Ballet Flats $13.50

ü  Textured-weave Dress $59.99

ü  Metal buckle belt $9.99


Figure 3night outfit


This black
dress is simple and you can change the accessories to make it fit your event.

Look Details


ü  Tinsel Puff Shoulder Wrap Dress 34.97

ü  Metallic handle clutch $39.99

ü  Resin Round Beaded Tassel Earrings –
Red $4.53

ü  Public Desire Aisha Gold Strappy
Heeled Sandals $18.50

Figure 4 beach outfit


Black swimming
suit with different accessories with color that fit the summer vibes.


Look Details


ü  Floppy Straw Look Hat $22.00

ü  Pineapple Print Wrap Bikini Set

ü  Contrast Top Bar Aviator
Sunglasses $7.00

ü  Amale Pom Pom Straw Tote
Bag $38.99

Figure 5 Casual Outfits

This outfit
can be perfect for activity days, with light colors.


Look Details


ü  Fashion Small Women Bag Mini
Shoulder Bag $8.99

ü  Park Lane Stud Trim Buckle
Boot $24.00

ü  Printed blouse $25.90

ü  Relaxed fit mom jeans $39.90