Charles This group of men made people think

Beard was an elitist who believed that the constitution
was not a compromise.  He believed that
the constitution was written to keep the wealthy elites safe. He supports this argument by saying that the fathers were an
elite consisting of landholders, creditors, merchants, lawyers, and public
bondholders.  The movement for the constitution was not started as a people, it was
started by a small group of men who were interested in their personal possessions.  They were only into of themselves instead of
the progression of society.  His proof is
found in the contract clause, which prohibited
states from interfering with private contracts. 
This kept the power with the rich by crutching the majority from
regulation on contracts and property rights. 
Now if you own more property you have more of the control, and when you
have more control you are basically help shape your country.  For example, one business could own property
in multiple states, but because their contracts a property rights are so low
they are reaping the benefits of profit while not having to pay the government
as much.  This causes the poor to be
taxed more and work harder for what they want. 
Another point that Charles Beard brings up is that all of these points
in the constitution were created by a certain number of men but was also opposed
by a certain number of men.  The men who
created it could have all thought the same in the way that they didn’t see
property divisions at all.  That would
mean that the men owning substantially the same outs of the same kind of
property where it is equally divided wouldn’t think it was apparent that the Constitution
had no ascertainable relation to the economy. 
This group of men made people think that the government was run by the
people, but it was truly run by these men. 
The founding fathers created the senate. 
The senate was not chosen by the people, but was selected by state
legislatures and instead of the people choosing  each president the president was chosen by electorals.  The popular vote didn’t
matter. They even suggested that the only people who could run for president would
be people who make over one million dollars. 
That equates to over a billion dollars today.  Having someone with that amount of power
already become the most powerful man in the country means that he doesn’t know
the struggle of being poor and having to work harder for your meals.  Luckily, that was not the case.  Overall, Charles beard believed that the
founding fathers wanted to preserve their wealth as individuals, but increase their
likeness in the country.