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It is almost impossible to deny; the usage of smartphone and internet is very important until that human cannot live without it. It is important to communicate with others that is far from us. We can call, message and use another application such as WhatsApp and Wechat. It is important to know the latest news from over the world so that we don’t left behind. If the smartphone or internet were never invented, we might not have all the advance technologies today. Even just a single change would make a big difference in today’s advance mechanisms.
The existence of technologies such as laptop and mobile phones have given to the community a lot of difference. For example, back in the day people need to use fax or telegram if they need to send a document or anything to another person on the other side of the earth. Nowadays, all they have to do is to install the applications mentioned above. Moreover, in the past, if someone wants to access the web looking for information, there are no such thing as that until in the 80’s. Now, every information is just at the end of every person fingertips. In addition, the smartphone is very important for us to know what happen nowadays. Besides, the smartphone also like mini laptop for us, it can be very useful for us to do job such as saves important thing like documents, images and so on.
This smartphone also can be easy to carry in our pocket because of their sizes. It is thin and not so big and light. So, it is not hard to carry wherever we go such as when we receive job from outside the country and easily can be carry around. Also, this smartphone also helps us to avoid us from lost in new place. It is because the smartphone contains GPS that can locate your location. In there also got a lot of apps that can help us from lost such as Waze, Google maps, and many more. From this, we know that the smartphone can be very useful in our lives. It also helps us in transportation. For example, if we had no car at that time, we can use the app called GrabCar or Uber. This can avoid us from being for waiting for the bus or taxi to come by because of they didn’t know that we need them. With these applications called GrabCar or Uber, we just click on that tiny screen and they already stated how far are they and how many minutes they’ll arrive at our places.
With this smartphone, it gave us so many advantages that can ease our routine. Plus, without internet, we don’t know nothing about world fashion. For example, I like to know about the latest clothes design because I like fashion very much. Other than clothing, I like to know about hairstyle nowadays or even if I want to know about the current issues around the world without having to watch the news. Moreover, without internet, we are going to be lack of information about health in which the society would not know much about diseases such as the symptoms of dengue, malaria, HIV and anything else.
In conclusion, we know that the smartphone and the internet gave us so many advantages in our daily life. Furthermore, in the world of globalization, we must know about the tech nowadays or else we don’t know anything about the world and anything else such as politics, disaster and another important news.

Humans are born with 5 different senses. Even if we lack one of the senses that god have given to us, for the society we are already described as a disabled. For example, in the era of schooling, no matter how friendly you are, the other students will find a way to make fun of you especially when you are disabled. They will have so much more materials for them that they can use to make sure that your life is miserable.
The first sense of human is the eye sights. Eye sight might seem to be the most important sense of human that are in which if you are lack of it, it is going to look like that you have lost one of the most important things on earth. Because without it, you are almost like a traveler wandering in the desert looking for a way out of it without any helps from the outside world. In this context, if the person is blind, they are lifeless. That is where the society is very wrong about this. A lot of blind person that actually do much more than person with complete sense.
Secondly, sense of human is ear. For me, this is also an important part in our body because without that, we won’t be able to understand what people talking about. We also hard to communicate to each other because we don’t hear what they said. Thankfully, they created the hand signal for the disable so they can understand what we tried to say. So, they wont be isolated by others. With that, they also be able to communicate with us comfortably. As a society, I understand that not all people born with complete sense. We must show our support towards them so they won’t be down and got no spirit left to live in this world. In order to make them happy, respect them as much as you respect other with complete sense. With that, we can live in a fair world and no hatred toward the disabled one.
Besides, the other sense is taste. This also the most important sense in our daily life. Because without taste, we are just like eating a piece of paper although we ate the most delicious food in the world. Even the best chef in the world cannot help to make them taste the food. This is very awful for the chosen one to have this problem but all I can say is just don’t make them feel down. Our actions are the main thing for us to show them how we respect them. We already know that they cant taste so don’t just overact them too much in front them when eating delicious food. Other than that, same goes to the one who don’t have the sense in touch. They also don’t want that but what we can do, just respect them as a person who have a complete sense too. They also have feeling and they have rights too feel like the others too. Just because they don’t feel like us doesn’t mean that they don’t have rights to live like us. As a society, respect them, they are also a human being too.
In a nutshell, being disabled is not that bad after all. Instead of thinking about what the other person opinions we should all just play along and ignore them. The more that we think about it, the more unproductive we will become and the more we fellow their mindset, the more inaccurate we will become.

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Customers today are overpowered with great publicizing techniques, and in the wealth of similar materials, they never again even focus on them. An awesome real assignment confronting every one of us who work in promoting is to discover approaches to achieve the intended interest group. Be that as it may, if this is trying for brands, how is it for social foundations? What’s more, since shoppers’ consideration is scattered, in what capacity can a social establishment, with a restricted spending plan, achieve its intended interest group and acquaint itself with its imminent, yet in addition existing clients? One of the ways is absolutely through unconventional communication.
Promoting, as we as a whole know, does not need to be costly to be fruitful, but rather in the event that we discuss unconventional communication, creativity is the principal condition to be taken note. Unconventional communication, as the name itself suggests, is certifiably not a prominent method for tending to people in general. It is progressively utilized by social establishments confronting money related challenges, and such a method for communication seems, by all accounts, to be the perfect decision, since for this situation a great deal can be accomplished with a generally little venture. In Malaysia, few people have been using this uncertain communication in order to promote their products. The most famous person that has done a lot of unconventional communication promoting are Safiey Iliyas and Dato’ Aliff Syukri. These two persons have been causing havoc throughout the marketing industry with their acting and all. For Safiey, he once act as a shemale that have gone back to the path of becoming a man back. But after he had achieved his target in promoting all the beauty stuff that he’s been selling, he then went back into becoming a woman. An as for Dato’s Aliff Syukri, he abused his housemaid by making a video or a live video on facebook or Instagram talking about how his housemaid have been stealing from him and that he have caught his housemaid red-handed.
Despite the fact that these two people, Safiey and Aliff Syukri insinuates both to social and political issues through its communication, this does not generally need to be one of the objectives. Notwithstanding its aim and the way, it is connected, the objective of unconventional communication is to incite responses from people in general keeping in mind the end goal to draw in and include it.
To whole up, unconventional communication surmises a course of action of publicizing and extraordinary methods that are wanted to daze the social event of individuals they address. With this kind of headway, the critical part is played by the unforeseen factor and what’s more key versatility, while the principal emotions energized by such communication are shock and daze. Other than instigating reactions from customers, it can enhance the photo of a social association, yet also add to the overall population when all is said in done by raising the social level of the people and furthermore developing the economy of social foundations.

Communication is the act of receiving for giving information by using either your body, your voice or any other ways depends on your needs or desire. Communication may become intentional or unintentional which means that, it can become unconventional. Unconventional language may or may not helps someone in their daily life routine. Unconventional language may take verbal or non-verbal communication, can happen through sign languages or any other ways.
The first logical example of non-verbal communication is when a person with the same disabilities. For example, a deaf person trying to talk to a mute person. As we all know, a deaf person cannot listen to even anything, and as for that, they don’t know how to make a sound even though they are not mute, so when they try to communicate with a mute, they need to use sign languages.
Next, unconventional languages can give a lot of benefits to a person. For example, in the police squad. Being in the police squad require a next level intelligence in this non-verbal communication. Especially when you are in the top tier rank. Example of non-verbal communication in the police squad can be seen when they are in a mission in which they have to be discreet in order to make sure the safety of the citizens in the nearby place is confirmed. So, in order for them to communicate between each other without having to talk is by using a tactical sign language.
What if a normal person is trying to talk to a person with disability? For example, e deaf person wants to ask to another person about the direction store. The normal person is not able to talk in sign language, this makes it hard for them to communicate. In this kind of situation, people will start to use their brain in order to give out information through body languages, facial expression and many other ways.
In a nutshell, non-verbal communication frequently prompts various types of incitement, and also media responses, it is certain this very decent variety shows achievement—by applying the better approach for communication, social establishments emerge from the rest. In particular, through non-verbal communication, a great deal is accomplished with a generally little speculation, the perceivability of a social organization increments, and purchasers turn out to be more connected with and more engaged with the exercises offered and implemented by cultural institutions.

Active listening incorporates an assortment of practices which convey to the next that they are heard and comprehended, that the emotions which underlie the words are valued and acknowledged, and that paying little heed to what the individual says, considers or feels, they are acknowledged as a man by the audience. Active listening requests that the recipient of the message set aside the conviction that listening is simple and that it happens normally and understand that viable listening is diligent work. Great listening supports the speaker, advances trust and regard, enhances connections, and makes determination of issues more probable.
Individuals tend to process approaching data faster than it is yield by the speaker which making them rapidly make a hasty judgment, assess, or foresee what will be said straightaway. “Most people talk at the rate of 175 to 200 words for each moment. In any case, explore proposes that we are exceptionally fit for listening and handling words at the rate of 6000 to 1,000 words for every minute. This unused intellectual competence can be an obstruction to powerful listening, making the evaluator miss or confound what others are stating.
Audience members are regularly off focus, regardless of whether it be inner or outer diversions. Individuals have a habit of just listening to what they need to hear rather than what is really being said. There are a few strategies to accomplishing powerful listening. Focus on what others are stating. Make yourself close out different difficulties confronting you and essentially tune in. Try not to enable yourself to do different things as you tune in, for example, picking up the telephone, doing printed material, or checking your email. Powerful listening is troublesome and requires the greater part of your consideration and exertion.
Regarding the situation of what had happened, I will first confront the person from which I did an active listening towards and starts to tell them about how I accidentally listen to his conversation regarding about what had happened in which had turned him into the person he is at the moment. After everything is cleared, I will then start to ask him about what had happened. Did anyone close to him involve in an accident or something or even maybe somebody that he knew or loved may have passed away or something. In order to make sure that my intention will not be misinterpret, I will make sure to give him the time to answer my question or even leave him alone if he asked me to do so.
In a nutshell, in order to be able an active listener, there are three keys that need to be followed. First of all, you need to pay attention to what the speaker is saying. Secondly, you need to show to the speaker that you are listening to them and not just floating around somewhere else. Make sure to provide feedbacks to the speaker to make sure that we managed to receive the message that he tries to convey. Last but not least, if you are thinking about responding to the message from the speaker, make sure to respond to him appropriately as for to avoid any misinterpret body language or anything.