CHAPTER of the event organizers. The worldwide events

In terms of computing, the development of technology have unexpectedly turned the means of making the world a much better place to grow in something far greater that one can ever imagine. Things have become more compact, more manageable and more accurate in terms of business, communication, and health are still in the midpoint of continuous discovering new and innovative ways of making life more beautiful and meaningful, being more specific than previous systems made. Today, computing has become more expressible and more powerful in terms of numerical and logical manipulations. Giving an absolute result with just a blink of an eye. Technology have become a very vital tools nowadays, simply from education, business, politics and least likely in beauty pageants and cultural events as well. So much has said, the events has always been in the eye of the viewer.
With that being said, talent and beauty can then be one of the most difficult to judge, because after all beauty and talent in its nature is quiet personal. There is no exact science and particular judging in beauty pageants and talent competitions. However, there are uncertain criteria or recommendations that judges follow that are generally different in every kind of event. Depending on the event a certain criteria must be met in order to determine who among the candidates or contestants will be entitled as winner.
A beauty contest and other cultural events is a competition mainly focuses the beauty of contenders, such contest must be a combinations of personality, intelligence, talent, and strive to answer to the judges questions as part of the criteria. A cultural competitions is for men, women, or LGBT depending on the objective of the event organizers.
The worldwide events thus require hundreds or thousands of local competitions. Contest happens in the whole world, starting from municipal to town, to city, to province, to country, to ASIA and the world. Competition happens all around us and more often than these competitions were usually held during special events. Contest builds up the hopes and dreams of every men and women. It is the best way to get dressed and express yourself to the people.
Winners of the contests were commonly based upon criteria set by the organizers of the event. The paper based evaluation holds a table which is called the score sheet, contains a number of rows and columns, which corresponds to the criteria of the said event and the list of candidates. Every judges will be given a score sheet, provided for by the event organizers to avoid being irregularities about the competition. Once the score sheet has been fully filled up, the results were tabulated and analyzed to give the result.
Performing a paper based tabulation is very vital, tiring, time consuming and lack of security to avoid modification by the official tabulator. The paper based tabulating system is simply not a reliable system. The requirement for calculating the result and keeping the result confidentially is very tough. Secondary to these problem, the developer is propelled to implement an android tabulating app in order to make the task of evaluation an easy, efficient, user-friendly, transparent and secure way of calculating the result.

Statement of the Problem
This study aims to answer the following questions:
1. What are the problems encountered using paper base tabulation system?
2. How can the proposed system improve the present system of municipality of Dulag?
3. How does this proposed system help the people of municipality of Dulag?
4. What is the system used at the present time?

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Objective of the Problem
It is assumed that the proposed system:
1. Will be able to determine and solve the problems encountered in the present system.
2. Will minimize the time consumed on the manual tabulation process and to ensure efficiency of results.
3. Will be able to present the result of the event as transparency for the winners, contestants and the people.
4. The manual system will be replaced by a proposed system.

Conceptual Framework
The researcher’s aim is to design and develop a system that would improve the existing system of Dulag, Leyte. In the collection of data, they use a database to store all the information in exact place.

Significance of the study
The result of the study will be of great benefit to the following:
Tabulators. The system will provide the tabulators with some knowledge on the proposed system on how it works. Tabulator will have an easy, efficient and more secure way of tabulating and calculating the results.
Organizers. The given data from the tabulators will help the organizers to determine faster who the winners of the event are. The organizer will be able to understand how the event was tabulated, and can show the results to the viewers for transparency.
Judges. Similar to the organizers, also the judges will be able to identify who among the contenders will be entitled as winners, and they will see the overall result and ratings of every participants.
Contestants. For the participants, in a faster way, they will be able to know the overall rating, performance and the final result of the competitions.
Viewers. For viewers, it’s easy to do so to see the results more quickly and easily, for no fraud and a more secure way of tabulating and calculating results.

Scope and Delimitations of the Study
This study entitled “Cultural Event Tabulation System using Android App” is limited and focused only in municipality of Dulag, Leyte.
The aim of the researcher is to provide computerized cultural event tabulation app that focuses only in the tabulating, viewing and summarizing of the judge’s scores for the participants.
The project will be a program designed to perform basic task in tabulation process. The researcher’s will promote a simplified tabulation system in order to address the needed system and user requirements. Improvement of the project will be based from assessment or evaluation of the manual process. The system task are calculating the criteria for judging of the Cultural Events of Dulag, Leyte.
The system will be delimited to basic operations such as data encoding and information, deleting, searching and viewing of voters who are the students. It is also encompasses task involving which concerns with declaring the winners in such positions.