Case the impact of favoritism which leads to

Case Study on Nepotism/Favoritism (Step 3)

Ethical Dilemma: In my case study, I
don’t want to limit the situations on ethical situations on Nepotism rather I want
to have different kind of scenarios where Nepotism or Favoritism or Cronyism
affect organizations and its impact on individuals.

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We might experience or see situations where favoritism or
Nepotism is entertained. In those scenarios, what are the actions that needs to
be performed to avoid such situations which leads to illegal complications?

Possible courses of action

When considering favoritism, we have two main scenarios where
you experience favoritism in work place or others are favorites to higher
authorities. It leads to negative impact if either nepotism or favoritism takes
place at work place. Let consider few negative impacts:

·      Poor morale. Whenever other employee receives favoritism or treated special
by the management, quite a bit of unfairness of treatment follows you. This
brings you down, because there might be chances to misunderstand that no matter
what you do in your project your efforts won’t be appreciated.

·      Disappointment. In continuation of poor morale, resentment follows. When someone
is unfairly supporting an employee, who is not worth enough to shoot him down
and at the same time who is taking advantage of the situation.

·      Abandonment. There are many situations where employees leave their job if
they don’t receive enough appreciations from management for their dedicated
work. This leads to losing skilled employees in workplace.

Legal Connections. If an employee like that he/she is separated from
others with the impact of favoritism which leads to company’s downfall.

Now we know the negative impact of favoritism, let’s acknowledge
it and see how we can take some possible actions against it or to avoid it:

Promote professionalism.

It’s definitely unfair and unprofessional if favoritism or nepotism is
entertained. In these situations, offense is a best defense. Discourage any
kind of unfair treatment in the team and create a professional environment in

·      Conduct training. Educating what favoritism or nepotism in the work place may benefit
many individuals on how to report favoritism or how can they point and even
creating awareness among higher management.

·      Don’t ignore. If you come across nepotism or favoritism in your workplace,
make sure that it is reported confidentially. We need to make sure it stops, if
we didn’t it might cause great damage to the organization.

Context played in creating special circumstances of the case

Favoritism or nepotism raise in a situation where management
build more trust on individual based on their previous efforts or might be
other sexual favors.  This type of
situations will create some circumstances where we miss out or ignore skilled
candidates to bring over the table. This can bring someone who is irresponsible
and sometimes irrelevant to that position which can occur a great deal of loss
to the company.  

Strengths and weakness of those actions


·      According to Chad Kaydo, nepotism may be feasible. He just gave
an example illustrating how relative may have similar practices which makes
enterprise successful. Hiring family members can be beneficial to both
production and detention.

In the 2000’s, many
organizations came up with a policy of stimulate recruiting qualified
relatives, with a proposal of good people tends to affiliate with good people.

Hiring family members in the same organization tends to reduce health insurance.


Above strengths
sometimes leads to weakness as well. Let’s say what if that relative person doesn’t
have enough skills to that desired job or promotion.

Consequential and non-consequential approach (Moral/Ethical

Even though there is a discrimination, nepotism is not illegal. If
we follow good practice to execute nepotism, Yes, we can say that Nepotism has
good outcomes. But there are many chances to deviate from good approaches and
follow some unethical process. Inequitably, there is no law against on recruiting
on family basis or reference.

This doesn’t state that nepotism should be entertained in
workplace as this leads to discrimination or spoil work culture. These
scenarios are uncommon, but if these scenarios are going beyond then employees
might take action.