By 2 diabetes should enhance lifestyle improvements

By introducing yoga to adults suffering from diabetes, the exercise referral scheme hopes to achieve and maintain optimal blood glucose, lipid, and blood pressure levels to prevent or delay levels of chronic difficulty (5). Several patients suffering from type 2 diabetes can attain blood glucose control by following a strict diet and exercise plan, shedding excess weight, applying essential self-care behaviour and taking oral medication, although others may require supplemental insulin (261). Medication used to regulate type 2 diabetes should enhance lifestyle improvements instead of replacing them.

This holistic philosophy, deemed more than mere physical exercise, but a lifestyle which is associated to a range of other pathologies including diet, relaxation and stress management. Furthermore, it has low cardiovascular demands relative to other forms of exercise like running or swimming, as far as exercise strenuous levels are concerned. Low impact activity, meeting the demand for obese practitioners who have difficulty being mobile and lastly, offers a different form of sporting identity.

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