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December 2017

Michael Crichton

            Michael Crichton was “…one of the
most popular writers in the world…” (Biography.com 1). He was born on October
23, 1942, in Chicago, Illinois. Michael Crichton was an amazing author in his
time period. He wrote many books that were successfully produced into movies.

He was very famous for deeply researching into his works to make them more
realistic. He was a very influential author and director who was best known for
his science-fiction and medical thrillers.

Crichton was only fourteen years
old when he published his first piece, a travel article in the New York Times
(Britannica High School 1). He then got a medical degree in 1969 at the medical
school at Harvard University. After he graduated from Harvard he traveled to
the University of Cambridge as a lecturer in anthropology. He had five wives
total. He had two children, Taylor and John Michael. He died at the age of
sixty-six on November 4, 2008 in Las Angeles, California after a long fight
against cancer.

“Michael Crichton has never stopped
seeking new challenges to his creative energy.” (Aeseng 79). That is how he
would drive himself to be a better writer. Another value he had was




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lifelong interest in computers (The Official Site of Michael Crichton 1). He
used computer technology in some of his works. His use of computer programs for
film production won him the Technical Achievement Academy Award in 1995 (The
Official Site of Michael Crichton 1). He was also a deist, a person who
believes in God but only believes that he created everything and set it in
motion. and that God doesn’t intervene with individual affairs but instead
through divine providence (Biography.com 1).

 Michael Crichton has sold over two hundred
million books (The Official Site of Michael Crichton 1). He started working
full time in film after writing his book, Andromeda Strain (The Official
Site of Michael Crichton 1). He also directed many films such as Coma (1978)
and Physical Evidence (1989) (Britannica High School 1). He also worked as a
postdoctoral fellow at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies (Biography.com
1). Then in 1980 he operated for a computer software company called “FilmTrack”
and produced the computer game Amazon (Britannica High School 1). He also
taught writing at MIT.

Michael Crichton’s prime time was
the 1980’s and 90’s, a very stylish time. The common clothes worn during the
eighties were casual lighter colored clothes with oversized shapes, and in the nineties,
baggy jeans with a plaid shirt with a washed-out color pallet and an overall
baggy look (The Idle Man 1). Some gender differences from today to the ’80’s
and ’90’s are that there were boys and there were girls there was no in between
unlike nowadays where you basically have to guess what specific gender people
are. Also in Crichton’s lifetime, there were a few major events: the Korean War
in 1950-1953 and the Vietnam War in 1950-1975.



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            Michael Crichton produced many great
works: Jurassic Park, where scientists genetically produce dinosaurs
that get loose and go on killing adventures, written in 1990 and written
screenplay in 1993, and the television series that won him an Emmy, a Peabody, and
a Writer’s Guild to America: E.R. It was a television series from
1994-2009 about what goes on in twenty-four hours of the emergency room. The
Andromeda Strain, written in 1969 and made into a film in 1971, it deals
with the aftermath of a biological weaponry research program gone wrong. Crichton
was best known for his thoroughly researched thrillers which often was based on
advanced technology such as nanotechnology (Prey 2002) and genetic engineering
(Next 2005) (Britannica High School 1). When asked who most influenced him he
said that Arthur Conan Doyle, Mark Twain, and Alfred Hitchcock inspired him
(Biography.com 1).

We will always remember Michael
Crichton for the way he acted and for his great creative works. “Michael’s
talent out-scaled even his own dinosaurs of Jurassic Park (Biography.com 1). He
was the greatest at blending science with big theatrical concepts…”-Stephen Spielberg
(Biography.com 1). Many of his novels were made into very successful movies
making him a very successful writer and producer. “Michael Crichton served as
an inspiration to students of all ages…” (The Official Site of Michael Crichton
1). “I am certain there is too much certainty in the world” –Michael Crichton (Biography.com
1). “We will always remember Michael Crichton for being a famous writer, but we
should remember him how his friends and family do, as a devoted husband, a
loving father, and a generous friend.” (The Official Site of Michael Crichton




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