Boxer on the farm. Old Major, a prize

A horse’s dedication is paid back by death. Box was a cart- horse at Mr. Jones’ Manor Farm. He was large, almost eighteen hands high and very strong. He was the strongest animal on the farm. Old Major, a prize pig on the farm, who started the idea of Animalism, warned Boxer that once his strength was gone, Mr. Jones would have him killed and used to make glue and dog food. Boxer believed that this would not happen if the animals ran the farm. Box was a great help to Animal Farm because he was loyal, a hard worker, and dedicated to Napoleon and the farm.
When the animals took over the farm, one of the first commandments was that “No
animal shall wear clothes” (Orville, 21). Boxer’s loyalty to animalism caused him to throw the straw hat he always wore to keep flies out of his ears into the fire. He did not want to ware any clothes or do anything that was against what the pigs decided was best for the farm. During the fight of the windmill, Box lost a shoe, split a hoof, skinned a knee, and had pellets from gun shots in him. He did not feel the victory at first but he felt loyalty to the farm and animals that he became to realize that it was a victory. He was loyal to the other animals on the farm. When the rations were cut and the animals did not have enough to eat, Boxer often gave his most of his food to others. His loyalty to the animalism, the farm, and the other animals made him want to work harder than ever to make the farm a success.
Box is a cart horse, he was as strong as two and sometimes three horses. He worked harder than any other animal on the farm. He thought that if he worked harder, that all problems on the farm could be solved. He believed that if anything went wrong on the farm, it was because the animals were not working hard enough. Napoleon started killing animals on the farm. Boxer said “I would not have believed that such things could happen on our farm. It must be due to some fault in ourselves. The solution, as I see it, is to work harder” (Orville, 72). He felt that he should work harder and longer than the others because he was so much stronger than them. He would get up earlier and work later that any other animal on the farm. His motto was “I will work harder” (Orville, 25) Boxer also had other mottos; “If Comrade Napoleon says it, it must be right” and “Napoleon is always right” (Orville, 57, 53).
Napoleon was a pig that told all the animals what they were to do. He ran the farm and Boxer was dedicated to him. Boxer’s was not real smart, he would only remember the letters A to D. He believed what Napoleon said. He did not believe that Napoleon would bring harm to him or the farm. He believed that in a few years, he would retire to the pasture with Benjamin, the donkey. He worked until he fell from hours of hauling stones for the windmill. He was told that Napoleon would send him to the hospital to be fix by the best doctors. To late he found that he was being sent to be killed and made into dog food. His loyalty, hard work, and dedication did not get him what he thought it would, a retirement to the pasture.
Boxer believed everything that was told to him. He was like a child. He believed that if the animals ran the farm, all would be well. They would have food, shelter, rest time, and retirement. All the other farm animals admire and look up to him “because of his hard work and willingness to sacrifice his sleep and leisure time to volunteer at the windmill” (Gary). Box was a great help to Animal Farm because he was loyal, a hard worker, and dedicated to Napoleon and the farm.