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Beverley McLachlin is a significant individual in the Canadian legal system. In 1989, she became the first woman in Canada to ever be chosen as chief justice in the Supreme Court.  McLachlin’s most significant contributions were that she strengthened the Canadian law with grace and stability by dealing with fast evolving judicial issues, directing the Supreme Court of Canada to the information revolution, and contributed to the foundations of the Canadian Charter of rights and freedom. She has been a rare figure in Canada, someone whose respect and reputation that has  only grown with years. McLachlin has served our nation with justice by using her unique skills at keeping the court’s interests and legal principles, rather than her own views or personality, at the forefront of her responsibilities. During the course of her career she had come across many emerging judicial matters.  In 1993 when McLachlin was a new judge, she wrote a dissenting opinion about the Sue Rodriguez case on assisted suicide. About twenty two years later, as chief justice, McLachlin court opened introduced assisted suicide in Canada. Furthermore, she was at the forefront of fighting for homosexuals’ rights and freedom, such as their right to marry. Those two judgments alone show just how far Canada’s legal system has changed while McLachlin was serving the Supreme Court of Canada. Not only that, she also strengthen the laws and treaties so that the Canadian law can continue to improve. Secondly, as the information age advanced we saw a change in how she revolutionized the law and order accordingly. McLachlin directed the court through information in regards to  transformation of this early 21st century. The public demanded to know more and see more about private institutions like the Crown or the court. Essentially what McLachlin did was help revolutionize the court and bring it into the 21st century. Thanks to her, there are now live broadcast of hearings, and many more judges are willing to do interviews and to make public statements and appearances.Thirdly, she has worked towards enhancing the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom. The Charter was  just in its beginning stages when she was appointed to the Supreme Court. She has enhanced the charter during her time served as a chief justice, in an ethical and balanced approach that quietly reinforced the independence of the judiciary. Mclagin belves that courts can justify making substantial changes to the law if, in doing so, they are reflecting clear changes in social values whihc the charter approves of. As a result of the charter the canadian legal system is liberal and more secure than it was ever before the Charter. Due to her efforts, Canada has come to be known as a champion in human rights and freedoms. Justice Beverley McLachlin’s most significant contributions was that she reined the Canadian law with dignity and balance by dealing with rapidly emerging judicial matters, directing the Supreme Court of Canada to the information revolution, and contributing to the enhancment of the Canadian Charter of rights and freedom. Just from overviewing her high quality work, you could easily declare that she was an excellent leader, and an independent jurist with success rates to prove her accomplishments. Moreover, it goes without saying that she is a beacon of encouragement for women in this country.