Besides church members. Also, the youths, particularly, the

            Besides providing an ample space,
the chapel will offer an ideal place where the worshipers will genuinely adore
God. Also, with the chapel in the area, the members of the community will have
a place to always console with their creator. In fact, it would teach the
virtue of thanksgiving and humility to the church members. Also, the youths,
particularly, the students will have a place to play musical instruments and
attend devotions.

            The main motive that has made me
move with speed on this idea is the emerging issues in the society and the
church. Currently, there are several controversial issues in the church.

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Everything done in the various parishes leaves the society with many questions
than answers. As a result, this space will be the place of addressing all those
issues. Also, any matter pertaining the welfare of the human race will be
handled in the vicinity of this building. I do think that by having this
chapel, the members of various cultures will converge there and always provide
solutions to the existing problems. I also believe that it will rejuvenate the
spirit of evangelism and the new church members will enjoy the place. It will
be the center of strengthening the faith of the new converts.

            Since the chapel needs to be
outstanding and meet my goals, I had to peruse a list of many artists. After
putting all the factors of interest at the forefront, I settled at Giovanni
Pisano. The artist not only made a name through prominent architects but also
he is regarded as the father of modern architects. At his early ages, he was
trained by his father, and together they propagated the architect world to the
next generation. Their major work was the fountain Fontana Maggiore constructed
in 1278 at Perugia. After the death of his father, Giovanni took over the
business and went ahead to design and produce important spaces.

            I choose the style of this artist as
he primarily focussed on constructing cathedrals. In fact, he left his father’s
Serena style and began incorporating animations into his work. The most notable
works of the artist are the Pisa Cathedral and Siena Cathedral. All the
buildings depict the architect’s mastery of both the Roman and French art. I
would recommend that you find a time and view the pulpit that Giovanni built in
the Pisa Cathedral. Here, I am sure you will marvel at the artistic abilities
and talent. Also, I would like the chapel to have such a pulpit with the
difference on decorations alone.

            I would need your advice when it
comes to the project implementation. In my commission, I have stated that I
prefer a circular building with a cone roof. Such a structure will not early
entice passersby, but it will save a lot as far as the building materials are
concerned.The chapel will be located beside the St Paul Parish. The location is
inspired by a large number of people occupying the parish. Also, St Paul church
is in the middle of other churches, and so the other believers can come and
converge at the place. The building should accommodate at least 1500 people,
with sufficient ventilation and lighting. Also, the infrastructure to provide
celebrations, services, and church meetings should be put in place.          The
inner part of the chapel would have a room where the members of the clergy and
other church members would stay as they prepare for the various functions in
the church. The main platform would be located at the center of the building
with small portraits of Jesus on either side. The walls of the chapel would consist
of drawings and picture. The drawing from both the ancient Greeks and Romans
will be my considerations. A large image of Jesus on the cross will be
suspended from the rooftop at the center of the building. Also, portraits of
Apostle Paul will be placed in the chapel.

            I am of the opinion that the chapel
would mostly be a place of celebration and other meetings. The All Saints’ Day,
Passover, Christmas and Easter celebrations among other major church events
will be marked at this venue. The congregation would be allowed to listen and
dance in the building. As a result, the infrastructure to facilitate all these
aspects will be put in place. Also, it would be a training place for the
musicians and other members of the church as far as glorifying God is

            As I perused through the Giovanni
artistic work, the one with Gothic art still fascinated me, and it is the one
that motivated me to pursue the commission. The style was mainly used in
constructing different cathedrals. The monumental sculptures placed in abbeys
and temples are an accurate reflection of the Gothic art. The technique used
mostly stainless glass, illuminated manuscripts and sculptures.

            This project will be guided by the
Roman mythology that is centered in Heroism. I will be pursuing this project to
entirely leave a legacy and benefit the present and the future members of the
church. Also, this chapel will be one of a kind as none do exist on the planet.

The Roman myth focuses on the history and ignores other factors such as
supernaturalism. Also, it shifts focus to morality and personal traits as far
as helping the others is concerned. As a result, if this commission is realized
I would have played a significant role in the society.