Because make it into the team. Muscular endurance:

Because Amber hadn’t been exercising as regularly as she was in previous years, she will have to focus more on muscular endurance, agility and speed. These components will help improve her fitness levels and help her prove she can make it into the team.
Muscular endurance: muscular endurance is the ability to reduce and delay fatigue by allowing the muscles in the body to constantly contract and move without getting exhausted. While playing touch football, muscular endurance can be very vital to a player because your body is constantly moving. Improving muscular endurance levels can help benefit the body in sport by allowing you to be involved in the sport more and perform better. Ways to improve and check muscular endurance is a pushups test. A pushups test is a way to measure upper body endurance. Keeping your body in a straight position hands, toes, hips and shoulders inline with each other, lowering your body to 90 degree angle and pushing back up in the original position. Continuing this for as long as you can until exhaustion. Count the number of completed pushups and compare it to the table of norms, to improve this, compete the test once or twice a week.