Beauty view of society. Numerous people are affected

Beauty is in the point of view of public. A statement
people may have heard over and over, but it appears to be that it should sound
as beauty is in the point of view of society. Numerous people are affected by
what society expects as beautiful. Every year, a huge number of people spend an
increasing amount of cash simply to change their appearance. The media also
shows society with unrealistic body types promoting celebrities, mostly women
to have desire to look like them in online networking. We spend everything
trying to look like what society wants that we start to see everyone even
ourselves as what is presented physically rather than who a person is. Society
places on people, mostly women from every age, standard of beauty have cost our
time, money and energy in order to live up to them (Johnson, 2016). Hence, this
paper will discuss on how society is obsessed with people’s appearance not
their abilities. The discussion will be based on four points of view. 


In term of medical, demand of beauty push people to go
through at least one session of plastic surgery. We keep debating on this issue
these days. But if we look back at 30’s, beauty surgeries only made to
reconstruct soldiers’ face after the World War I (Nurvitasari, 2016). Is it
worth it for us to lose such a big amount of money just to make us look good
for others? Do we need to do all those things in order to make others love us? What
is plastic surgery basically for? According to Zuckerman, Diana (2012) more
than 236000 corrective techniques were performed on patients between 13 and 19,
including more than 75000 surgical strategies. For examples like nose
reshaping, liposuction, and tummy tucks. As indicated by the American Culture
of Plastic Specialists, about 64000 restorative surgery patients in 2014 in USA
were between 13 and 19.  Specialists
trust this number will undoubtedly rise every year even by month.

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Next, the beauty industry also plays a big role in our
case by convincing that we are too fat, or too black just for the sake of their
economic factors. Media agencies saw an opportunity in beauty demand on social
media, everything they need to say is we are not pretty enough so we need to
buy things from them. Over the years, society has undergone a series of
cultural and social movement, more likely in term of beauty. This ridiculous
thing is still going on till now and leads to the expansion in beauty
industries. Day by day, month-by-month, there will always new cosmetic
products.  The demand for beauty has now
become a platform for the people who are interested in business to show off
their brand. Not only international but also the local brand. Apart from that,
tragically, none of the brands truly listen to what people need. Some of the
products may useful and really good for us, some are not. Those products may be
harmful to our skin due to the high chemical composition in that particular
product. The company already know about it but they do not even concern about
the harmful they have given us. The only thing that they think is how to boost
up their profit. The more they get, the better. We are now living in a society
of advertising, celebrity goddess, photoshop, and filler. People tend to follow
trends all the time like Kylie Jenner’s lip or Kendall Jenner’s body (Chan,


After that, rather than economic factors, the feminist
keep asking the reason why people are really obsessed to make themselves look
better and better than before. Why they willing to make such that change? Is
there someone who push them? Here is list of reasons based on feminist point of
view. The major causes are low self-esteem (due to insecurities), and romantic
reasons (beauty for love). What is meant by low self-esteem? How can it affect
the person? A person with low confidence feels unworthy and incapable. They
feel so poorly about themselves. These feelings may actually drive them to
continue living in their own world. They do not interact with others. They love
to do something on their own and if they are having a problem, they rather keep
it silently and looking for the solution without giving a chance to others to
help. This is how low self- esteem people act. The present of celebrities
increases the number of people who tend to be insecure and become the one who
has low self-esteem. Since celebrities are such a huge hit in the world, most
people admire them and make them as their idols (Shulman, 2008). They try as
hard as they can to improve the way they look so they can be nearly as perfect
as those celebrities. They try to copy their looks by putting make-up on and
when they are not satisfied they tend to go for surgeries. On the other hand,
people lose confidence since individuals tend to judge and degrade all the
time. In western society, they use the role of attractiveness in term of
beauty. People are treated differently based on their appearance and how they
look (Nurvitasari, 2016). People being racist and love to discriminate others
so much. They call people names like “too black, fat, ugly, potato” and many
more unforgiving words. They act like they are perfect enough compared to
others. Everyone has their own flaw. What makes them look better is the way
they act which is their personality.  The
demand for beauty by the society truly changes the former ideas of people to
look better.


Have you ever heard about beauty for love? Teenagers
nowadays are into fairytales. They are looking for love, hunting for partners,
seeking attention from the opposite sex. Searching for that joyfully ever after
that each people are searching for yet cannot discover. It is because, in
today’s generation, beauty is a must for a happy ending. They are busy as bees
looking for their loved one based on appearance and totally forget about the
personality. Can beauty stay forever? How long can we stay young and beautiful?
Men these days are very shallow, looking for the attractive one only. What
happened to inner beauty? To our brain and intelligent? Beauty only is not
enough to describe a person. Yet we need to examine their personality first
before making an impression. Not all people can be said as beauty with brain
and not all people who look bad have a bad attitude.  There is no point in beauty when your heart
and intentions are as cold as ice. People nowadays sick of appearance and how
they look. They do not fall in love with the personality but with how we look
from the outside. It that fair enough? There are no such things as personality
at first sight anymore. We believe that everyone should grow with pride and
dignity. Now it is time to change and set a mind about what we feel and think
beauty should be. Rather than wishing for a specific body shape, we should be
the one who decides our own standard. The most important one is we have to see
beauty as an attitude, character, and self-confidence, not appearance anymore.

Do not let society shape us more than we realize.


Lastly, demand for beauty affects sociological factors of
every individual. People nowadays feel like they need to be accepted by the
society. Society has set its own standards of how people should look like at
this generation. There are so many people try to reach those standards. Some of
them are already successful, some still in progress and some already give up.

They are being so excited to reach to that point where their breast grows,
their full lips turn perfectly beautiful, have that rosy cheeks that will add
up the glow in their face and their fats decreases (Britton, 2012). Society
taught people to be shallow. They taught them to judge every single person who
does not qualify to the standards that they have set. Changing each
imperfection in the body to the perfect one for the sake of the ‘acceptance’
that they seek from others. Time by time, people seek acceptance more and more
from peers and the opposite sex. The more that society pushes them away, the
more society impacts a huge pressure on them.


In conclusion, society has placed a tremendous pressure
in terms of looking good, young people are turning to other possibilities of
correcting their imperfections through everything which is wrong actions.

People should learn to limit themselves and learn that no one can please every
individual in the world. Outer beauty is not the basis of oneself but the inner
beauty as well. People should learn to wait so that they won’t regret any
actions that may be done in their body. The key to this is self-acceptance.

Beauty matters because our lives are better when beautiful things surround
them. Some people believe that standards if beauty that set today are not
causing a problem for people across the globe. The truth is that it is nearly
impossible to filter out all of the beauty influences that are intertwined
throughout everyday life (Jones, 2015). Like, when they post a picture and it
gets many likes it means they are beautiful and it shouldn’t be like that.

Likes are just numbers. It doesn’t define who people are.


When you figure out how to love yourself for your
identity, you will not need other’s approval of you. They’ll believe in you if
you believe in yourself. So every people especially teenager out there should
learn to keep their head upheld high and learn to accept their flaws for we are
born to be perfectly imperfect in every possible way. Society places on women,
from a young age, standards of beauty that strip individuality and insists that
we employ all resources including time, money, and energy, in order to live up
them. Needless to say, society truly places a big role in our life especially
in case of beauty.