Assignment # 2

Assignment # 2 (Definition)
What is an addiction to video games? Well, its defined as when a person is unintentionally motivated to do a certain thing, which in this case is playing video games. Video gaming addiction nowadays recognized as a dilemma because of its effects on the most teenagers lives as well as the adults. It causes an uncontrollable urge in an individual for playing video games. Its identical to other sorts of addiction like drugs, gambling or alcohol and might become a cause for some kind of failure in your life if not taken care of.

Evidently, video gaming addiction has grown exponentially in teenagers in the last decade. It has spread throughout the world .1-2 decades ago, it was limited to arcades only but now it’s available in almost every living room in the world. As a result of technological advancements, televisions, iPads, desktops and smart phones have become video-playing centers and are the leading cause of this addiction. According to university of Pittsburg report, video game industry generates over 10.3 million U.S. dollars annually, surpassing the revenues earned by the film industry. Game developers are also trying their best to come up with new and innovative themes of games and make them complex as well as participative for people of all age to attract them towards gaming.

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In contrast, gaming addiction has many things in common if compared with other kind of addictions such as alcohol or gambling. It becomes a crucial part of a gamer’s life and effects the way of thinking, feelings and other behaviors. A person starts to develop intolerance resulting in additional hours of gaming in order to fulfill his desire. They may even experience withdrawal symptoms if they are disconnected from gaming or their gaming time is reduced.

Gaming addiction has many effects on a person, both physically and psychologically. They are mostly negative, but some may be beneficial for a gamer. Their imagination and creativity are greatly reduced as they spent most of their time in the fantasy world of games.

They become antisocial as their face to face interaction with friends and family is greatly reduced. They may also be financially affected as their performance level at work or academic is inevitably reduced. Gamer’s reaction time and their ability to make instant decisions improves and enhances their eye-hand coordination.

It is obvious that the disadvantages of video gaming addiction clearly outnumber its advantages. We should try our best to keep a balance between gaming and our daily life routine so that its negative effects can be minimized. It’s being recognized as a global issue and certain measures are required to be taken to try to get control of this obstacle.