Assessment was entering the room Textual Evidence

Assessment Task 1: Literary Essay Outline
Name: Nishantininaidu KalaiselvanStudent ID: 18036517
Class: English 2-7
Selected Text: “The Tell – Tale Heart” by Edgar Allan Poe
Selected Question: What is the theme in “The Tell-Tale Heart”? How does Poe use the characters,
setting, and plot in developing the theme
Hook The extreme of madness
Author Edgar Allan Poe
Title “The Tell – Tale Heart”
Main Character Narrator
A Short Summary Introduction of the unnamed narrator
His murder story
The narrator decides to murder the old man
He enters the old man’s room for seven night
He sneaks into the old man’s room on the eight night.

The narrator kills the old man & hide him
He felt guilty
The old man’s heart beat get faster and faster
The narrator confess to the police
Thesis Therefore, Poe explores the madness of the narrator using elements such as character, setting and plot of the story.

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First Body Paragraph Topic Sentence The main theme of the story is the descent into madness which is explored through characterization.

Explanation of tsLead-in
Claim The narrator murders the old man because of his pale blue evil eye
Although the narrator does not hate him
The narrator chuckles as he was entering the room
Textual Evidence
(In-text citation) “In the enthusiasm … the corpse of the victim.” (para.15)
Warrant Emphasis the narrator’s psyche
Murdering the old man just because of his eye – indicates the narrator’s madness
Narrator’s chilling laugh & inability to act until he see the old man’s eyes – portrays the narrator as madman
Concluding Sentence Hence, the psychological instability condemns the narrator before anything else does.

Second Body Paragraph Topic Sentence Next, the device that emphasises the theme is the use of setting which is the obsession of time.
Explanation of tsLead-in
Claim Time controls the narrator’s every move.

He stated how long he exactly spend watching the old man before the murder
The narrator routinely entered the old man’s room at midnight
Lantern represents the narrator’s hatred for the eye
Textual Evidence
(In-text citation) “hours had come” (para. 11)
“death beetles”(para. 7)
Warrant The narrator deny of his insanity
the cunning and extra clever plans to murder the old man
the narrator enjoys every single moment watching the old man’s struggling on the midnight
indicates the narrator’s craziness
Concluding Sentence Therefore, Poe explores that time emphasise the theme.
Third Body Paragraph Topic Sentence Lastly, Poe uses the third device which is the plot of the story to develop the theme.

Explanation of tsLead-in
Claim The rising action of the story describes the narrator’s try to prove his sanity
was too cautious of his action
Planned precisely to murder ; hide the old man
Dismembered the old man’s body
Textual Evidence
(In-text citation) “You should have seen…I went to work!” (para. 3)
“I took for the concealment of the body.” (para.12)
Warrant Reveal the narrator’s mental illness
Being calm ; rational during committing crime
The narrator take his calmness as a sign of sanity
The methodical efforts to murder the old man – high level of craziness
Concluding Sentence Thus, Poe portrayed the narrator’s mental imbalance by representing his extreme cautious action and well planned murder.
Conclusion Reiterate Thesis In conclusion, Poe explores the extreme of a man’s madness
Extended Argument Portrayal of the importance of mental disorder
The narrator’s paranoia leads him to extremely delusion
Prove his sanity
Mental imbalance affects our thinking skills and our action in life
Unable to make decision
Importance of the Text The theme are appropriate in today’s life