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Are you aware of the problems with animal testing?Which animal body parts do you think are being tested? They range from their eyes to their genetics. We will be covering four methods widely used in several industries.The first method is used on their eyes, which is the Draize eye test. Imagine poking a needle into your eyes and having your eyes forced open with a clip. How does that feel? Well, that is exactly what rabbits have to go through for this test. (clicks to show rabbit with needle in eye) The rabbits suffer from bleeding, redness in their eyes and potentially face blindness.The second method is used on their organs, which is the acute toxicity testing. Dogs are force-fed with large doses of poisonous chemicals. The dogs also endure excruciating pain, bleeding from the nose, mouth and genitals, which leads to an inevitable death. How would you feel if your pet dog is fed with poisonous chemicals, then watch them experience the pain? (shows gross dog photo) The third method used on their skin, which is the skin sensitivity test. It determines if a chemical causes allergic reaction on skin contact. One of the infamous tests used is the Buehler test. Cute innocent guinea pigs, whom you identify as pets, are exposed to high doses of chemical substances. The guinea pigs are first exposed to the substances. If they survive after 30 days, they will then be injected with the challenge dose. The fourth method requires their genes, which is Mutagenicity.So, what comes into your mind when you hear the word Mutagenicity? X-Men, Wolverine & his friends. In reality, it is injecting chemical agents into the animals to change genetic information.(rodent pic) Mutagenicity drives mankind towards evolution. However this chemical increases the frequency of mutations which causes cancer. Aren’t the methods inhumane and selfish for humans? If we don’t allow our pets to go through such torture and pain, why allow these animals to do so, just for our safety? Cause : Have you ever wondered why animal testing is used?It is used to test for products such as fragrances and medicine to ensure that they are safe for human use. Do you know why animals are the guinea pigs for humans? Here are 3 main reasons why :1. For cosmetics by testing the animals2. For education by studying the animals3. For medicine by researching on the animalsFor my first point, cosmetics. So why are cosmetic products used on animals? It is to ensure safe consumption for the consumers. Have you ever wondered what it takes for you to apply this mascara on your eyelashes or smell like you’re fresh out of the shower. Animals face going blind, have their body parts decay just for you to look your best. We have allowed innocent animals to go through such sufferings for our safety. For my second point, education. Live animals are bought and dissected for study. Frogs are cut open while they are still alive for biology and psychology experiments. Why is that so? Schools feel that students should study how the animals’ organs and body react while being tortured. If world-renowned Great britain medical schools stopped practice surgery on animals since 1876, why shouldn’t we stop animal testing for studying worldwide?We selfishly allow the animals to go through such sufferings for the sake of expanding our knowledge.For my third point, medical. Here’s an interesting fact, do you know that animals suffer from similar diseases to humans such as cancers, flu and asthma? Since humans and animals are so alike, scientists use cats as test specimens. They inject diseases into them then try to cure the animals. Should these innocent cats be our guinea pigs?There is no doubt that thanks to research on animals, there has been major discoveries like the treatment to AIDS. However, there are also major breakthroughs without the use of animals for research.Are you familiar with antibiotics? What about the world’s first antibiotics, Penicillin, that treats life-threatening infections? It was discovered by Sir Alexander Fleming, without the use of animals. The three points that I have covered proves that humans are ignorant about animal testing, and we allow it to happen for the products to be safe for our consumption.Because of our ignorance, we have allowed the animals to go through such torture and sufferings. Those are small steps for mankind, but one giant leap back for humanity.Case study :Have you heard of companies like MAC and benefit? Interestingly, companies like Benefit and MAC have an animal testing policy where they do not test on animals unless it is required by law. In China, all imported cosmetics products require animal testing for safety reasons. Therefore, to enter the China market, companies like MAC and Benefit bend their policies in order to sell their products in China. Similar brands like L’oreal claim that they support the elimination of animal testing and are actively participating in studying new alternative tests. They even labelled some of their products as “100% Vegan”. However, L’oreal still merchandises their products in China. Do these mentioned companies really support the elimination of animal testing? Or are they doing this only to earn higher profits? Is it fair for you if you think you are supporting a brand for a good cause, then unknowingly get manipulated by them.Solution : Apart from brands such as Benefit, MAC and Loreal.Isn’t it shocking that there are brands that conduct animal testing even when not required by law? Yes, you heard that right. These brands here, are not cruelty-free.< show images> (( We have food products like M&M, Snickers & Mars. Skincare products like Garnier,Nivea,SKII & Johnson-Johnson Product and most importantly, a necessity to all, Clorox))After all these being said, you might be wondering, what is the solution to animal testing? Are there any alternatives to animal testing? Or do we simply not have a choice?Like-minded people have faced the same dilemma and have decided to come up with alternatives.Today, I’ll be going through 2 cruelty free brands that is commonly known to us.The Body ShopLushFirstly, the body shop.  It is the first international beauty brand to fight against animal testing and features a leaping bunny logo. What is a leaping bunny logo?  With this logo, we can be certain that their products are cruelty free. So, this sparks a question : How does The Body Shop test their products? They use two main testing methods involving :Laboratory-created tissuesTesting on humansThe first method is using EpiSkin, a human skin cell model that allows them to test on cells that react in the same way as human skin. This does away with the need of using animals as test specimens. Moreover, this method has a 100% accuracy at detecting very toxic chemicals, as compared to animal testing, which can only detect 60% of dangerous substances. Isn’t this a better alternative to animal testing?    The second method, patch testing, where they put a small amount of product on a person’s skin to ensure its safe and effective . It makes more sense to test on ourselves than conducting a Draize skin irritation test in rabbits which can only predict human skin reactions 60% of the time.With this, humans can finally step up to be our own test subjects. With this, mankind has taken a step closer towards humanity.The second brand, Lush. Lush is best known for being cruelty-free and its strict Supplier Specific Boycott policy.So why is Lush best known for its strict policy? Lush goes to the extent of reviewing a company’s testing behaviour as a whole, before choosing them as their supplier.Lush also ensures that all sales proceeds from suppliers do not take part in animal testing at all.What does this strict policy tell you? In comparison to MAC, Lush is able to stay true to their values and remain competitive in the industry. With this, Lush is able to put smiles on people and animals as well.There are various alternatives to animal testing which are rather cheaper, more effective and quicker. Why are we still supporting animal tested brands whose ethics is solely to earn profits? We, can stand together with Body Shop and Lush. We, can purchase their cruelty-free products.