Another that individuals give their service user

Another way of how rights are promoted in the Health and
Social Care for individuals is  to make access to comments and complaints
procedures. Individuals who use the service should have access to make
comments and complaints so that the individual can feel appreciated and
considered. According to Equalityhumanrights 2017 it states  ‘We listen
to your complaints, treat them seriously, and learn from them so that we can
continuously improve our service.’ In
response to this statement if an individual have access to comments and
complaints procedure it will benefit the individual because if they know that for
example in their organization if something happened and they aren’t very content about it and they would like to report it to a
caregiver, write it down in a report booklet or even make an anonymous complain,
that there they will be listened to and that it will be taken serious. This will
also make the individual feel very safe and secure because they know there is a
place where they can go to.

Make access
to comments and complaints procedures

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An individual can promote rights in the Health and Social
Care by promoting their service users with choices. When providing an service
user with choices it is important that individuals give their service user the
correct information so that their service users can make an informed decision. Enabling choices for an service user
allows them to have the authority to make an informed choice, it gives them
option to choose from. According to 2016 : ‘The government is committed to giving patients greater choice
and control over how they receive their health care, and to empowering patients
to shape and manage their own health and care.’ To
summarize it as an individual we should be giving service users choices, for example
when care giver is providing care. It is important that care workers include
their individual their choices. This will benefit the individual because it
will make them feel content that they are listened to and that they are being
included to make their own choices. For instance in a care home a care giver
can work with individuals from all different backgrounds so therefor it is very
important that in that care home they provide their individuals with choices
for example when it comes down to having breakfast, the individuals should be
able to make a choice of what they like to eat or even when they get dressed up
that the individual can make a choice of own clothing.



In the Health and Social Care rights should always be promoted. As an employer in the Health and
Social Care it is important that employers follow their work policy,
legislation and guidance. In those work policy, legislation and guidance its
shows how employers should promote their own rights and their service users.
How our rights are promoted and protected all falls under the Human Rights Act
1998. Human Rights Act 1998 is a set of acts of our rights and freedom that
everyone in the United Kingdom is entitled to. There are 16 articles that are
covered by the Human Rights Act 1998. Anyone breaking one of this articles in
the Human Rights Act 1998 can be prosecuted.