Adeline good relationship together and Leonard was

Adeline Virginia Stephen (London 1882-Lews, Sussex 1941), known as Virginia Woolf, grew up among intellectual people by virtue of her family belonged to the upper social class of society in Britain. She received home schooling as well as her siblings because her parents were very important intellectual and wealthy people and had always been worried about their children’s education. Nevertheless, she was enormously influenced by the social system of the time.
From the beginning of her life, she was suffering from anxiety and depression and later she was diagnosed by doctors to have manic-depression. Her mental situation got worst by death of her mother because of rheumatic fever when Virginia was only a weak thirteen-year old girl. She called her mother’s death later ”the greatest disaster could happen”. It was around that time, when her twenty-seven step-brother, George Duckworth, abused the thirteen-year old Virginia physically and caused her become physically unresponsive to the opposite sex and she was wracked with self-loathing.
However, years later when she was twenty-seven she felt in love with Leonard Woolf who was an economist and one of the members of Bloomsbury group . Furthermore, he was a writer and political activist. They married on August 10th,1912. Sorrowfully, doctors advised them not to have children due to the mental problems Virginia had. They had a good relationship together and Leonard was very supportive to Virginia and his opinion about her works mattered most to her. They founded together a British publishing house named Hogarth Press in 1917. They published the works of many famous writers such as: T.S. Eliot. Although they were successful in their work and they loved each other, Virginia could not enjoy the physical relationship with her loved one. Thus, she tried to compensate this by falling in love with beautiful women and some of these women had a crucial influence in her works. For instance, Vita Sack-Will West who had always been fond of Virginia’s talent. According to Virginia’s biographer Quentin Bell, who was her nephew as well, Virginia Woolf and Vita engaged in a love relationship for almost four years. We could see the trace of women’s love in her works too.
As mentioned above, from her birth she was suffering from anxiety and depression and it got worse with time passing as far as she was institutionalized many times. She had severe ups and downs, in her ups she was happy and wrote her masterpieces but after finishing a novel or other long works she felt down and her ‘depression