Acute internal and external factors and it is

Acute and Chronic disease:An acute disease is a self limiting disease which is distinguished by rapid onset of symptoms that are fairly intense and terminate within a short period of time either with complete recovery or death. Flu, colds, some headaches, some infections, ear aches, bronchitis, tonsillitis and etc are examples of acute diseases as opposed to chronic disease, which is a  more slow progress of gradual onset of symptoms were for a long period of time a person’s physical, mental and emotional state simultaneously deteriorate; this also means that an acute illness may have the potential in becoming a chronic disease with a continual decline of the vital force (Brewster O’reilly 1996; Classical Homeopathy 2012; Yasgur 2015).  The word chronos  is a Greek word which means time so chronic denotes the length of time in the illness. Some examples of chronic illness are; arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, asthma, cystic fibrosis and depression. (Judyth Ullman and Robert Ullman, 2017).Word Count: 146Susceptibility:Allopathy concentrates on the external factors that make people more prone to illnesses like pathogens or infectious diseases; which people are more likely to catch when their immunity system is low. Homeopaths however, define susceptibility as the response or reactions of a person to the internal and external factors and it is this tendency that make people more prone to becoming unwell (Jefferies et al. 2013). Susceptibility depends on the person vital force, whole functioning,pathological and physiological. Nutrition, digestion, catabolism, metabolism, secretion, excretion, repair, all the disease process emerging from infection  and how the organism reacts to the stimuli. The mitigation and cure of symptoms will also depend on the power of the body to  react to therapeutic treatment (Thomas, 2012).Susceptibility is partly physical and psychological according to Hahnemann and it is the mental and physical state of the person that lowers the immunity in which make certain individuals more susceptible to certain illnesses. The organism needs to be disposed  enough to certain deleterious disease powers to be susceptible. Without this correlation there will be no disease and this is the reason why pathogens don’t affect everyone  or the same individual all the time. The organism must be adequately susceptible depending to the circumstances and time which can be acquired as well as inherited (Brewster O’reilly 1996; Little 2007). Similarly, Kent (2007) states that individuals have different levels of susceptibility when exposed to either internal or external factors were some people will become ill and other not. He also says that when the organism is introduced to natural disease and recover from it, they will no longer be susceptible to that disease. For example,having chicken pox once in a person life means that they no longer susceptible to it. Roberts (2005, p.149) describes susceptibility as a “expression of a vacuum in the individual…the vacuum attracta and pulls for the things most needed, that are on the same plane vibration as the want in the body”. Roberts also talks about what makes people susceptible and points out that herediatory and the environment are two factors that influence the susceptibility of people. A person may be susceptible due to their genetics and their miasmatic background of their parents but also due to environmental factors like, smoking, alcohol, nutrition, anacities, stress, worries and etc. Word Count: 370Suppression:Yasgur (2015, p.243) defines suppression as a  process of pushing a disease deeper within; for example, skin eruption is an indication of the contention between the disease and the vital force and if suppressed the disease will be driven inwards, that will emerge later and exchanged for a new disease at a deeper level  which is more serious.  Similarly, Hahnemann goes on to say that major symptoms of persistent disease have never been treated in this world, often clearly worse (Brewster O’reilly 1996, p.101). Our symptoms is what keeps us alive when we are ill, they act as relief valve for the force of the deeper energetic imbalance which is the cause of the person ill health. Without this release there will be no life. Palliation operates as a plug  in this release as they obstruct the imbalanced symptoms from being discharged and when this is performed, suppression takes place  with symptoms being relieved instantly making us feel better but not for long as the disease is not cured. When the organism is in the situation of imbalance, the vital force selects to release the symptoms through surface organs systems i.e the skin as its the least harmful possible way and if this process is prevented or stopped  the body will seek deeper organs to use as a relief valve. (Homeopathy Plus, 2017).Word Count: 215Potency:6X are given to people who have a weak constitution, hypersensitive people or elderly  because higher potencies can overstimulate and weakening the defense mechanism causing aggravation so it’s more a physical level (vithoulkas 2009, p.206) . 30C is  used in acute cases as its a safe potency to start for beginners which can be found in health stores however, in some acute cases it may not be strong enough which may lead to disappointment and frustration resulting in giving up too soon. 10M is usually prescribed in chronic cases where the patients physical, mental and emotional constitution need a boost as well as at the end of a case to prevent recurrence (Schepper 2001, p.75).   Word Count: 109To conclude a person may be susceptible to certain internal and external factors which will depend on their vital force and how the organism reacts to the stimuli; it is this tendency that makes the person more prone to an acute disease that can be given a potency of  6X if the person is hypersensitive or 30C which can be found in health food stores. However, chronic disease is  gradual onset of symptoms for a long period of time in which may be due to suppression from allopathic medicine pushing the disease in a more deeper level, where a potency of 10M can be given to strengthen the essential constitution.