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According to “Serial Murder Multi-Disciplinary Perspectives for Investigators”, Serial killers murder three or more victims with significant cooling periods between murders. There are many arguments on whether serial killers are born or made. The Nature theory shows that behavior traits they were born with, made them a killer. The Nurture theory shows that the external factors like family and peers had an impact on the serial killers which turned them into a killer (Salvatore). H.H. Holmes was the first American serial killer. Holmes was considered to be very intelligent at an early age (H.H. Holmes, January 2018).Holmes had a very strict father who was abusive and an alcoholic. Also, when he was younger he was bullied and was forced to touch a skeleton that he was scared of. Yet, instead of being scared he became fascinated by them (H.H. Holmes, Holmes Own Story). He had a liking for medicine and would practice surgery on animals. When in college he stole human corpses and made fake insurance claims. He had a building which he made into a murder house. He would kill his victims and had secret doors to move the bodies and dispose of them. He was then arrested and told the cops he killed twenty seven people . He was hanged on May 7, 1896 for the twenty seven murders he committed (H.H. Holmes, January 2018).The first American serial killer has led to hundred of more cases beginning in the 19th century to now. Serial killers are made because of the environmental factors in their upbringing.
Research shows how common childhood trauma is when a serial killer grows up (Guy). In Mysteries of the Criminal Mind the Secrets Behind the World’s Most Notorious Crimes, Serial killers come from poor backgrounds where their parents and family members abused or neglected them. Many serial killers had parents who were untreated alcoholics or mentally ill (20). When a child is neglected they begin to dream about fantasies, sometimes about killing and raping people. When they are older they begin to act on them and their fantasies grow more after every kill (Hilts and Morton). The trauma a child suffers from abuse will psychologically damage the victim and may cause them to project inner turmoil on their future victims (Frese). For instance, Mary Bell would see her mother working as a prostitute. Her mom later sold her for more money. She became a killer at eleven years old by mutilating young boys. (Monacelli).