According smoking cigarettes because of the influence

According to psychologists and motivational experts, Dr Tengku Asmadi Tengku Mohamad said the main reason for school students to start smoking cigarettes because of the influence of their peers and regarded them as a symbol of maturity. “The strongest peers influence in this smoking issue. If you want to be friends in a smoking group, a teenager needs to smoke” she said. As a mention by Dr Ismail in Bernama News on 12 February 2012, said peers pressure at school and the workplace was another major factor for individuals to pick up the smoking habit. “There must be a set of rules and policies to guide students on proper behaviour and on having good habits” he said. In the aspect of peers influence the findings of the last study show students smoking cigarettes in groups or with friends. Students also consider school rules or laws as trivial and unnecessary to follow. They will form a separate group and make certain rules and group members must comply. This has begun to cause discipline problems such as extortion and fights. Usually, when group members are beaten, they will reply in groups. (Community Hall on April 1995)
Based on Kamarudin (1996) that adolescents are more likely to choosing their peers and their behaviour is determined by the size of a partner’s behaviour their peers. Sufian study (2004) also states that smoking can be pushed by peer pressure. In a peers group, a teenager is admitted in a group if they dare to smoke, if not they disgusted by peers. The findings are also in line with Mohamad’s statement (1987) stating that teenagers face strong pressure to follow and imitate but deep this is the impersonation of certain things. This finding is also consistent with the statement of Zulkarnain (2002) which says that human beings are creatures God is so happy to be influenced by the fact or reality.