According people to conform to sets of rules.

According to Foucault, human beings are essentially free and unformed. But institutions,
even good institutions such as schools, force the people to conform to sets of rules. In the
process, people become uncertain of themselves, afraid and artificial. Many children have
dreams but they are ought to go through school, so that they can advance to their dreams or
careers. The issue on drop-out, which is a situation whereby learners leave school before
finishing school, Learners are facing many challenges, some they underperform in their
academic works, and they are have to repeat certain grades many times and when they feel
exhausted or hopeless about proceeding to the next grade they decide to leave to school.
One of the things to be done by the school is to engage with the parents in order to identify
the weaknesses of the children, and to help learners who perform poorly in school works to
identify their talents, Michel Foucault insisted that people follow the rules and regulations,
therefore institutions forces people into being artificial, in other words schools channel
children to behave in a certain formal way and they also force learners to behave in a certain
way of discipline.