ABSTRACT church to the contemporary society. Christian pastoral


This study explored the Traditional beliefs and practices in the Kenyan society within the Samburu tribal/cultural setting. The ultimate focus was to expose the Samburu customs and raise awareness of the importance of Christian counseling in a community that has been plagued by misconstrued perception on marriage for many decades. The proposed model is a systematic strategy of intervention formulated in the patterns of the Christian pastoral ministry. The premarital, marital and family counseling model of intervention was designed and characterized by Christian theology and the mission of the church to the contemporary society. Christian pastoral ministry has its source, origin, and pattern in Jesus Christ, the Lord of the Church. The methods in this dissertation reflect the religious attitudes such as empathy, mutuality, sustaining supportive and training ministry. The counseling process was done in phases which mark the beginning of the intervention through problem-solving to closure phases. Then the role of the church is extended beyond the counseling processes to weekly pastoral care and educational ministry.
The Samburu is a sub-tribe of the Maasai in Kenya. The research was documented from existing literature in the interdisciplinary fields of theology, and psychology. Relevant literature regarding the African traditions, Christian worldview, Religious persuasions, and Christian critiques was identified by searching religious and social practices for primary research materials, in addition to testimonial documentaries, articles, books, videos, websites, and journals. The study was conducted to investigate the current situation within the Samburu acceptable traditional practices and their widespread impact on the female genital mutilation(FGM). A final evaluation determined the necessity of introducing Christian counseling with much caution due to the sensitivity of the profoundly deep-rooted practices. The research concluded that local pastors, elders, and political leaders were uninformed. A long-term goal was to train, equip and implement permanent solutions that are Christian based. The study concluded that most Samburu women and girls are left to die when the rite of passage falls short.

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