The purpose of this study was analysing the effects of digitalization on mainstream media and journalism in Kenya. The study included sampled officials in the media industry in Nairobi. The study achieved its purpose through three objectives; to establish the effects of digitalization on mainstream media in Kenya, to determine the effect of social media on the journalism practice in Kenya and to find out the effects of digitalization on consumption of media services in Kenya. The study reviewed relevant literature with the aim of establishing gaps which the research was going to fill. Method of data collection was questionnaires. The data collected was analysed by a mixed method of data analysis comprising both qualitative and quantitative methods. SPSS was used to analyse quantitative data. The study concluded that digitalization has affected mainstream media and journalism in Kenya significantly. The study concludes that the mainstream media should fully embrace digital technologies and use citizen journalists to their advantage. It further recommends that media training institutions take social media as a serious field of study in order to equip upcoming journalists for the dynamics created by digitalization in the industry.