A applying a fuel in this case

A solid oxide fuel cell is an electrochemical device that produces electrical energy. By oxidizing fuel; to oxide this flue, it is used anode and cathode those are the two parts of the cell. Anode has negative charges and cathode has positive charges. Also, between those parts, it has a separative lair which is an ion conductive solid electrolyte.
One of the greatest problems facing our world today is our over-reliance on fossil fuels they are dirty polluting and major cause of global warming one way that we can cut down on our dependence on fossil fuels is to use alternative clean energies such as fuel cell which is a bit like batteries that work by pumping hydrogen through a chemical reaction.

A fuel cell produces clean energy from a chemical reaction, in fact, it’s very much like a battery. It has two electrodes, one of them is made of a metal like platinum and the other is a ceramic-like an oxide, between them it has another ceramic oxide through which ions or atoms diffuse very quickly so, energy comes from that way. The energy involves applying a fuel in this case hydrogen which is clean, and oxygen and the by-product is non-toxic water.

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