A mother (tiny). I have a light

A physical description of me is very simple. I have a small body frame about 5’0″, 93 pounds in weight (42 kilos) and I’m petite. We’re eight siblings and 2 of us (my younger sister) inherits our height of our mother (tiny). I have a light complexion (but not considered mestiza), and a big round (black) eyes just like my father. There are many physical appearances I have that relate to both my parents. But most people say that I look more like my mother. I have round, oblong face, with two little moles on my left cheeks which is just under my eye area and a nasty scar (from acne and chicken pox). The acne scar is due to my Acne breakdown when I got pregnant. I’ve tried so many ways to get rid of these scars, but then it won’t fade away. Maybe because it was wounded deep or it can be because of my age as well (not young anymore). I have natural curly hair (brown color), full lips, tiny nose and thick eye brows. By the way, I love using hair clips because of my bangs. I don’t have good sets of teeth. My teeth are small and my upper teeth have a gap in between. This is because when I was young, I love using a toothpick and stuck it to my middle teeth (upper part). Despite of putting braces for more than a year, the gap came back. I’m planning to get this fixed as soon so I can regain my confidence to smile beautifully. I have broad shoulders, which are perfect if had long, thin legs too (unfortunately, I don’t). It’s been my dream to become tall, like those beauty queens. But then, that will remain a wish since I don’t think I’ll get taller at my age. I’ll just live up that dream to my daughter who’s now 5″ at age of 10 (my future beauty queen).