A. the surface. Piezoe electric crystals convert

A.    Solar
Energy from Sun:

The Top and
bottom tori of our settlement are completely covered with Solar panels. The
energy received from the Sun is collected and converted into electrical energy
and stored by the control room. This energy is supplied to different sectors
with the help of underground wires.


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B.    Using
Thermal power plant:

Generally, in thermal power plants coal is burnt to generate
electricity. But, in our settlement we burn Hydrogen gas (Produced by
electrolysis of water) and obtain same amount of heat energy. This heat energy
is converted into electrical energy and stored by the control room.

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. Using Piezoe Electric Crystals:

                                   While people
walk, they exert force on the surface. Piezoe electric crystals convert the
energy applied by people into electrical energy. This energy is stored by the
control room. These Piezoe crystals are used in flooring of footpaths, shopping
malls, parks etc.




is a device which is used in space crafts to maintain a proper velocity,
acceleration and rotational path. In our settlement we use thrusters to perform
the following

Day and night formation

provide rotational velocity through which our settlement rotates and proper day
and night formation takes place.

Maintaining parallel run with Europa

Thrusters provide a minimum tangential velocity with which our
settlement can have a parallel run with Europa so that we can get Ice, Hydrogen
peroxide from Europa.


Ganymede is a crater moon of Jupiter, it consist rocky surface. We take soil
from Ganymede with the help of robots. As the soil of Ganymede is not fertile
we make it fertile by planting leguminous plants or by adding natural manure.
This soil is used in Agriculture purposes.


Water is used everywhere in our settlement. So, we must
supply Water from the Water production plant to every sector. For this we use
underground plastic recyclable pipes. These pipes are strong enough and are
resistant to corrosion. These water pipe lines are controlled by the control
room. Most of the Water is sent to Agricultural sector. To reduce wastage of
Water we use new techniques which are explained under the title AGRICULTURE.



One of the important sectors in our
settlement is Agriculture. Agriculture plays a crucial role to sustain life in
our settlement. There are different methods through which we would cultivate
plants on our settlement.

Soil Cultivation

Ganymede is
a rocky moon of Jupiter which is near our settlement. It consists of rocky
soils. Through robots we transport soil from Ganymede to SAVA. Then through the
process of weathering, we make soil fertile and make it suitable for



Hydro means water. In this method we cultivate crops in water without
the use of soil. The crops absorb all the nutrients required from water. This
is one of the method through which we would cultivate crops on our settlement.





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                    Agar is a protista obtained
from Algae. Using Agar we can cultivate crops in air without soil. So without
soil we can cultivate crops.

        These are the methods through which we
would cultivate crops on our settlement.


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and sketch)


People residing in our settlement require a mode of
transport to move from one place to another place. We know that usage of
automobiles causes pollution. So, if everyone has their own vehicle it may
cause pollution. To prevent pollution on our settlement, we do not allow anyone
to have their own vehicle. Instead we support public transport on a cheap fare
which is made comfortable for the people residing in our settlement. Public
transport like buses, metro rails, mono rails etc. are supported by the
Government. People are allowed to use eco-friendly vehicles such as cycles,
skates etc. In the case of Emergency, people are provided with a separate
Government vehicle.


            If we use numerous number of public
transport, that even causes pollution. So, we choose to use Electricity and
Hydrogen (produced from electrolysis of Water) as Fuels to run vehicles. By
this, public transport not only becomes cheap but also eco-friendly

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produce essential goods which help us to live a better life. They produce
necessary goods such as textile, plastic, agro based, basic industries,
electronic industries, etc.


industries provide many basic facilities like electricity, transportation,
parts of machines etc.


industries provide goods which are related to agricultural goods.


Our settlement is
placed near Jupiter. Due to its climatic conditions mostly people need to use
woolen and acrylic fiber to keep themselves warm. Not only these fabric like
cotton, silk, jute, etc. are also included in textile industries.


industries produce only recyclable plastics such as polyethylene teraphthalate
(PET), high density polyethylene (HDPE), poly vinyl chloride (PVC) etc.



These industries provide important