A is the main move you know, however

A 10-year-old kid chose to examine judo notwithstanding the way that he had lost his left arm in a staggering auto collision. The kid started lessons with an old Japanese judo ace. The kid was doing great, so he couldn’t comprehend why, following three months of preparing the ace had shown him just a single move. “Sensei,” the kid at long last stated, “Shouldn’t I take in more moves?” “This is the main move you know, however this is the main move you’ll have to know,”the sensei answered. Not exactly seeing, but rather having confidence in his educator, the kid continued preparing. A while later, the sensei took the kid to his first competition. Astonishing himself, the kid effectively won his initial two matches. The third match turned out to be more troublesome, however after some time, his adversary wound up noticeably fretful and charged; the kid deftly utilized his exclusive move to win the match. Still astonished by his prosperity, the kid was presently in the finals. This time, his adversary was greater and more grounded. Worried that the kid may get hurt, the official got a period out. He was going to stop the match when the sensei mediated. “No,” the sensei demanded, “Let him proceed.” Not long after the match continued, his adversary committed a basic error: he brought down his defenses. In a flash, the kid utilized his turn to stick him. The kid had won the match and the competition. “Sensei, how could I win the competition with just a single move?” “You won for two reasons,” the sensei replied. “In the first place, you’ve relatively aced a standout amongst the most troublesome tosses in all of judo. What’s more, second, the main known safeguard for that move is for your rival to get your left arm.” The kid’s greatest shortcoming had turned into his greatest quality. “Some of the time we feel that we have certain shortcomings and we accuse the conditions and ourselves for it however we never realize that our shortcoming can turn into our quality one day.”