A. Disney Cruise Line after few hours

A. Thoroughly describe the item.Yesterday, I purchased a vacation package to sail with Disney Cruise Line after few hours of searching information and evaluating the offers. Disney Cruise Line offers wide range of entertainments including delight Broadway musicals, fireworks at sea, kids’ clubs, spacious staterooms as well as pools, recreations and lounges areas for adults. Disney Cruise ships are developed as family cruise liners to provide families the best vacation experience for parents and children. Unlike most cruise liners, Disney Cruise Line ships do not include casinos.    B. Describe your experience during each of the five steps of the Consumer Decision Making Process.  In order to develop suitable and effective marketing strategies, companies have to know what consumers look for or either how to create needs for customers. Furthermore, deeply understanding how consumers achieve information of the products will definitely assist in conducting good marketing strategies to impact on buyer behaviors. As a result, a consumer decision-making process has been formed to help marketing team achieve marketing objectives. The five-stage process includes Problem Recognition, Information Search, Evaluation of Alternatives, Purchase Decision, and Postpurchase Evaluation (Clow & Baack, 2014). To understand clearly the mentioned process, I will go through my example and follow the five-stage of the consumer decision-making process explanation.Problem recognition was the step that I realized I wanted a vacation on my semester break to relax and get ready for the next semester.Once I figured out my need, I started the information search. I immediately came up with an idea to go to California Disneyland Adventure Park since I had already had positive experiences on visiting Disneyland Theme Parks in Japan and Hongkong. However, Disney does not only have theme parks here in the US but also has Disney Cruise Line. I wonder whether Disneyland or Disney Cruise Line should be my choice for semester break vacation. From here, all related questions and information came up to my head were part of the internal search. Due to uncertain decision from internal search, I needed help from external search. In external search, I asked the opinion from my cousin whose friend had already sailed on one of the Disney cruise ships, told me how fabulous the experience was and highly recommended me to give a try. Moreover, I had myself take a look on Disney Cruise’s website and I watched videos regarding how beautiful the moments people can have on Disney Cruise ship. Together with very joyful music melody, it made me really want to go right away. It touched my feeling. Consequently, I had no doubt to pick on one of the Disney Cruise itineraries. After having decided on the actual product I would love to purchase, I needed my evaluation of alternatives in order to make a final decision. In my case, I did not evaluate the alternatives of cruise liners but the alternatives of travel agents who were third-party selling tickets for Disney Cruise Line. And they had varieties of price offers. My major concern was the price, thus, my evaluation was simply the comparison of prices among websites. As a result, among the alternatives, I picked American Discount Cruise because of its lowest price offer.Finally, I purchased the cruise ticket after going through the above stages. This step is called Purchase Decision.In term of Post-purchase Evaluation, I have received a booking confirmation with all the necessary details as well as a thank you letter include effective contact information from customer service team. In addition, the booking system worked fast and professionally. My experience with American Discount Cruise was good so far. Since I did not start my trip, I am unable to provide any post-purchase evaluation regarding Disney Cruise itinerary.C. Describe your level of satisfaction with the purchase, and what you might do differently, when you purchase that same item again, in the future.I successfully bought the ticket at the most competitive price. I am currently happy with it and my level of satisfaction is high. In the future, if I want to book the same trip, I will definitely go straight to American Discount Cruise website to book my itinerary because it offers the lowest price. It can skip quite a lot of information search and evaluate works, therefore, I can save time.Reference:Clow, K., & Baak, D. (2014).  Integrated advertising, promotion, and marketing communications (6th ed.). Boston: Pearson.