The undeniable that SNS does have its positive

The Asian Journal of Psychiatry recently conducted a
study and concluded that 29.5% of the surveyed college in Singapore were
addicted to online social networking sites/platforms (SNS). This means that
close to 30% of students are addicted to SNS, and as a result, these same
students suffer from physical and mental health issues such as unhealthy food
intake, shopping addiction, depression anxiety and mania. On top of that, the
academic results of students have also been adversely affected because of this addiction.

It is undeniable that SNS does have its positive uses of connecting people even
when they are far apart, meeting new people, or even discussing educational
topics. However, as a student, the negative effects caused by it outweighs the
positive effects. Therefore, despite the pros of SNS, the use of it should be
controlled in school because of the mental and physical health issues they
cause, in addition to distraction and the negative impact on their academic

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