The legalization of medical marijuana has been very popular around the country, every year more and more states come closer to the conclusion. In 2016 fifteen preliminary licenses were issued, also fifteen growers and processors and 102 dispensaries. Surprisingly medical marijuana has been legal in Maryland since 2014. The legalization of medical marijuana in Maryland can cause an economic growth in the state, but it also deprive of the economy.Good new or bad news first, bad news? Well there are some advantages and some disadvantages about medical marijuana economically. But, one disadvantage about medical marijuana is the price. One ounce of marijuana can cost up to six hundred eighty dollars in certain dispensaries. Someone on Facebook commented, “Guess I’ll stick with black market,” while addressing Allegany Medical. This company is asking for a lot of money from the people, and just for ONE ounce. The Washington Post referenced to a Facebook post from Allegany Medical (a dispensary in Cumberland, Maryland), “Pot would cost $680 for an ounce, about a one-month supply.”  That price is almost three times higher than the cost of marijuana in Washington, Oregon, California, and Colorado. A plus side to the price is that Allegany Medical said that the prices are bound to drop down to about $560 in January of 2018. The price is still high up, but that is because one there isn’t much of the product and two people are still trying to compensate their investments. Another downside is that the tax bill will excise a sales tax of thirty dollars per ounce, also retail marijuana would have a sales tax of nine percent. The last negative of medical marijuana is that health insurance doesn’t cover the costs. The reason is due to the fact in which marijuana is still illegal in terms of the federal law. Do you wonder, what are the upsides of medical marijuana economically? Well there are quite a few reasons.