3500 the Metro Nashville Public School system. Because

3500 John A. Merritt Blvd.
Nashville, TN 37209

November 5, 2018

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Dr. Shawn Joseph
Metro Nashville Public Schools
2601 Bransford Avenue
Nashville, TN 37204
Dear Dr. Joseph,
We are pleased to submit a report on Delinquency and Truancy rates here in the Metro Nashville Public School system. Because of my research hopefully the numbers will drastically change in the delinquency and truancy rate of Nashville. The results of this very research will be an eye opener the concerning people of our school system. Also, I have many ideas for numbers of delinquency and truancy to change.
While researching, I have found out that the Metro Nashville have already put in place some resolutions to this very problem. According to Stacey Barcgenger there is more than 35% of which students of Metro Nashville Public Schools fall into truancy and 37% of crime of juveniles according to WKRN. Being that this is a good amount of truancy and delinquency throughput a school’s system we as citizens of Metro are concerned. To get this percentage rate down I have include some ways throughout my research.
Hopefully once you’ve finished reviewing my research, you’ll take my resolution into consideration to improve the delinquency and truancy rates in Metro Nashville. Also, thank you for a moment of your time.

School Crime and Safety Committee

Executive Summary

Education is the key to life right. It helps you become a successful adult. With that being say this research from the School crime and Safety Committee will help them stay in school and increase the rate of graduation. The Data we have collected should be able for you to understand the support the community and authorities need to decrease the rates of delinquency and truancy. The research focuses on Metro Nashville young teens and trying to get them to stay on the right track. It also will inform you on the prevention programs that are already in place and have been in place for years, but still haven’t made a big change in the numbers. The School Crime and Safety committee can also be a help with the solutions they have recommend.

Delinquency and Truancy can affect a young teens life. Students not attending class and having over five unexcused absences can cut your education off quickly. Also, committing delinquent acts can cut your education short as well. This research will get you to understand that you can come up with many intervention programs to get young teens back on track and they still can fail to achieve their goal. Don’t stop trying to find prevention for delinquency and truancy, because you may find the solution. It is also up to us as a community to help the young children of our community to stay on track. We can’t always depend on the authorizes to make things right. Again, it is now up to us!
Juveniles charged from violate crimes in Nashville have increased in many categories like aggravated assault, homicide, robbery, aggravated robbery, theft over 1,000 and theft of vehicles. The year of 2016 the rates of crime made by juveniles increased 37% more than the year before which was 2015. With the increase of crime Davidson County Juvenile Court has started gang court, and drug court to decrease the crime of juveniles. Davidson county is also trying to id the reasoning of the young children committing these crimes. Also, seeing how they can support this family so the crime committing can stop. They have a Support Intervention Assessment program like gang court to keep teens form being reoffend. As of this year 2018 Juvenile crimes are still on the rise. Since February 16 of this year there has been 176 juvenile arrest, and there was 265 misdemeanors and 140 felony charges. The crimes these juveniles are committing now are worse than the crimes they committed in the year of 2016. They collected 127 firearms and 94 cars were recovered from vehicle theft. Also, the young teens dealt with drugs. There were 169 drug confiscations which consisted of cocaine, heroin and meth. So, the prevention programs that they suggested years ago didn’t decrease the juvenile crime. It seems as if it has gotten worse. We as a community must step up and do our part as a community. The police and courts have already tried to their part. The Juvenile Justice Center even hosted a crime prevention program that educated parents on the crimes that have been committed throughout their community. The Juvenile Detention Center had some changes made by Juvenile Court Judge Shelia Calloway. She got rid of the shackles, but they would wear their being transported elsewhere. She changed them from wearing orange jumpsuits to polos and pants. Basically, what was done it helps the young teens not see themselves as criminals but understand at the same time what they did was wrong. Because you give someone a title of being a criminal, they would forever think that’s all they are and just live by that very name. Also, these juveniles commit some of these crimes because they don’t have the love and support at home. An they act out in varies ways just because of this very reason. We can help juvenile crimes decrease, all they need is love and support. Giving them a stricter curfew as well will decrease the amount of crime committed. Police patrolling the area where most of the crime is committed will help as well.

Metro Nashville Public Schools have more than 35% of students who fall into truancy. Because of this vary situation its causing students to have problems. According to the Tennessean five or more unexcused absences can lead you into the court system. They came up with the solution of having a group of advocates to help students and parents in court. Also, more than 31,000 students of Metro Nashville Public Schools have five or more unexcused absences. People often think that if a child has many unexcused absences, they skip school or don’t go at all. Sometimes those aren’t always the case. The Metro Student Attendance Center which was an old police precinct off Trinity Lane is where students with attendance issues go there. Students like those who loiter or don’t go to school they go there instead of detention. Once they get their they have no access to Facebook, nor cell phones. All they have are trivia games and books. Parents also must be charged, because their child or children aren’t showing up to school. Both the student and parent would be penalized. As a student you have many tries before things like Saturday courses, community services, and teen court. If the intervention doesn’t work and the student has a tremendous amount of unexcused absences, they would be considered as an unruly child. They would be removed from school and wouldn’t be able to proceed to the next grade level. Teenagers that have been removed from school will also have their driver’s license suspended up until they are the of 18. For the parents before they are charge with a misdemeanor, they would be called to a conference and again will have to go to an intervention program. If that doesn’t fix the problem, then their parents would be charged. They could be fined $50 or 30 days in jail for educational neglect. The truancy rate in the Metro Nashville School is a big problem, and most of the truancy may come from some students skipping school to go indulge delinquent acts. In which can get them in trouble. A lot of delinquent children have the mindset that school is not for them.
The court and Metro Student Attendance Center have done all they can to decrease the rates of delinquency and truancy of Nashville. From Gang court, Drug court, Juvenile Detention Center, and the MSAC (Metro Student Attendance Center). The authorities have done their part! Most of the juveniles that act out honestly need a great support system. Sometimes that’s all they want but act out to get it. The community and parents must work hard to accomplish the goal of helping decrease the rates of both delinquency and truancy. Parents must put their foot down, but still show love and support.
Metro Nashville Public Schools rates on Delinquency and Truancy are high the following needs to be decreased. If not the graduation rate of students will decrease, but the rates of those are constantly rising. The invention that they have work, but just not in great amounts. If we get more people to push the prevention programs for them both the rates will decrease. Their education will be saved. Our committee and Metro Nashville Public schools working together would be a great accomplishment to this community and their education.

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