1. Yes, I would recommend this book to


Yes, I would recommend this book to other
students. I know the word “classic” kind of scares people (especially younger
people) away from certain books, but to my surprise, I found this book easy to
read and exciting.

My favorite part of the book was the actual
trial part. Although it does not have a happy ending, law has always interested
me and the drama of this scene is very intriguing to readers who get bored

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The lesson I learned from the actual plot of the
book is that good people don’t always win everything, but that’s okay because
there are many lessons learned in the process. What I learned from choosing
that particular book to read is to not choose a book based on its reputation.

It is seen as a classic and it’s a fairly old book so that definitely scared me
away from it, but I’m glad I did read it because I really enjoyed it.