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1. In what ways do Earth’s natural processes, phenomena influence Canada’s natural characteristics? (B2)A natural process is when the earth’s surface is changed naturally. Some natural changes are because of slow processes such as erosion and weathering. While there are other changes that are happening because of fast processes, like landslides, volcanic eruptions, and earthquakes.In the Western part of Canada there are quite a bit of natural processes that affect the land. Earthquakes is one of them. Earthquakes happen when rocks underground break along a fault. This energy makes the seismic waves to cause the ground to shake. Earthquakes happen everywhere at all times. But most you can rarely tell, or feel it happening. In British Columbia they have many earthquakes. Since British Columbia is next to a plate boundary, they are always being affected from earthquakes. Earthquake cause lands to raise up, break apart, and can cause buildings to fall over. A way the landscape changed was when the Rocky Mountains was created.  The Rocky Mountains was created from an earthquake that happened long ago, and caused land to crash into each other and rise up. Earthquakes can change our land by causing other natural processes to occur like landslides, soil liquefaction, and tsunamis. In the Southern parts of Canada there are dozen natural processes that occur and affect the land. Soil erosion is one of them. Soil erosion is a natural process that can affect all landforms. Soil erosion is the loss of topsoil. Topsoil is the top layer on soil that contains the most organic, nutrient rich materials. Anyways, Soil erosion is a major problem in the southern part of Canada. Soil erosion is very frustrating in Ontario. Soil erosion causes clogged drainage pipes. The soil is being removed 10 to 20 times faster than it coming back. This gives people like, farmers, a very hard time growing crops because the soil isn’t in the right state to be used. Soil that has been soil eroded won’t be able to absorb nutrients, water, or sunlight. Soil erosion can sometimes cause streams to form. These streamjs can get in the way of people’s jobs. For example, streams can affect, buildings possibly, food, crops, and more. Soil erosion can ruin soil very quickly. In the Northern parts of Canada there are a bunch of natural processes that occur and affect the landscape. Climate change is one of them. Climate change is highly affecting our world. An example of climate change is ice melting. And this is happening in the North part of Canada. But ice melting is not the only thing happening in northern Canada. But ice melting is what I will be talking about. Ice creates many problems for the whole world. When ice melts it means that our earth is starting to heat up. Ice is a reflector that is reflecting sunlight back out of the atmosphere. If the ice is gone it will be absorbed from sunlight. The reason why ice melting is a problem is that the warm water being carried to the North is making it warmer in the northern climate. Also parts of Europe. Europeans predict that 25% change in the climate is because of the ice melting from the North. This change can completely change the landscape of Northern Canada.